Are Beyonce And Her Twins Still At The Hospital? Here's What We Know

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Beyoncé reportedly gave birth to her and JAY-Z's twins last week, but according to reports, she and the babies are still in the hospital in LA.

TMZ reports the twins were allegedly born premature and were being kept "under the lights." "The lights" is a phototherapy procedure aimed to treat newborn jaundice. According to Romper, jaundice in premature newborns is very common and not often serious.

Elite Daily has reached out to Beyoncé's team for confirmation, but did not hear back by time of publication.

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TMZ reported last week that Beyoncé and the twins reportedly had to stay in the hospital longer than originally planned due to a "minor issue," so this could possibly be that issue.

The anonymous source told the outlet the babies were allegedly born on Monday, June 12, and have been in the hospital ever since because of this issue. Beyoncé's health is reportedly doing just fine, though she allegedly did not come to full term.

A couple of months ago, in an exclusive interview with Elite Daily, Dr. Lama Tolaymat — an OB-GYN from Orlando, Florida, specializing in maternal fetal medicine — said most doctors working with mothers expecting twins deliver the babies before the mothers come to full term.

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Dr. Tolaymat said pregnancies usually last about 40 weeks, “but with twins, we usually deliver them at 38 weeks, we don't let them go that far."

So if Beyoncé did give birth to the twins a little early, that is not out of the ordinary.

Jaundice in premature newborns is caused by elevated bilirubin in the newborn's blood that the liver (which helps filter waste product in the blood) could not break down. The excess bilirubin then spreads into the tissue, and its yellow color then leaves a yellowish tint in the baby's skin and the whites of their eyes also appear a little yellow.

The previously mentioned phototherapy consists of placing the babies underneath bright lights to help break down the bilirubin. Their eyes are covered with little goggles to protect them from the brightness.

This is pretty common among premature newborns and not often serious, so Beyoncé and the twins (who are reportedly a boy and a girl, but no confirmation from the Carters on that quite yet) will hopefully be on their way home soon!