Beyoncé And Jay Z Had Trouble Conceiving


As you may have heard, if you go online or talk to people ever, Beyoncé is pregnant with twins.

(You almost definitely have heard. She announced on Instagram on Wednesday, and by the next day it was already the most liked Instagram post in the world.)

There was a message from Bey and Jay Z on the post, which read,

Obviously, this is amazing news, especially considering it's apparently been a bumpy road to pregnancy for Bey and Jay.

According to a report from E! News, an insider shared the 35-year-old singer had difficultly conceiving this time around.

The insider said,

If you're a longtime BeyHive member, you probably know Beyoncé miscarried her first pregnancy. She first opened up about the painful experience in the 2013 BBC One documentary, "Life is But a Dream."

Later, in an interview with Oprah, Beyoncé explained the miscarriage was the reason she kept her pregnancy with her first daughter, Blue Ivy, a secret for so long.

OWN on YouTube

For that reason, many speculated Blue was conceived through in vitro fertilization, as Chrissy Teigen did for her daughter, Luna.

On top of that, twins are common with IVF because doctors often fertilize multiple embryos to increase the odds of a successful pregnancy. In fact, according to a recent New York Times report, 40 percent of all IVF deliveries in the United States are of twins .

So perhaps these twins have less to do with spiritual miracles and more to do with scientific miracles.


It seems unlikely Beyoncé will ever address these rumors — which is her prerogative, after all.

Either way, soon there will be two new people in the world with the genes of Beyoncé, and that sounds like a miracle to me!

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