Chrissy Teigen Slams 'Complete Witch' Who Criticized Her Baby-Making Skills

by Eitan Levine

Let me go on record saying that however Chrissy and John decide to go about making babies is their own business.

Specifically, it's not Linda's business.

In the past, Chrissy Teigen has been incredibly open about her fertility struggles with John Legend. The two had problems conceiving early on, leading Teigen to undergo IVF treatments to become pregnant.

The good news is she's not done popping out babies just yet! While at the SAG Awards, Teigen responded to an interviewer who asked her about her plans in the future to have a second kid. She said,

Oh my God, a little boy is next for sure!

After the comment started to pick up steam around the web, she went on Twitter to clarify what she said.


At that point, things took the crappiest turn possible, because that's how the internet works.

Allow me to show you the single worst assemblage of under 140 characters.


First off, none of your goddamn business, Linda. If I need help entering a Paula Deen-lookalike contest I'll make sure to DM you. Aside from that, your commentary is not needed on literally anything else.

Secondly, I can assure you Chrissy isn't avoiding "the act" with John friggin' Legend. I'm a straight dude and I can tell you I -- and every other dude -- would gladly donate my body to John Legend for whatever naked-based activities he needed.

He's like the definition of "the act."

Chrissy responded the only way you really could in a situation like this: by calling Linda a witch and watching the positive RTs/mentions roll in.


Linda kind of responded to Chrissy's message on her own Twitter account, and she seems to be as bad of a person as you would assume someone calling out another person's fertility issues on Twitter would be.


Unrelated but not completely unrelated, I'll give you one guess as to whom she voted for this past election.


Any guesses?


Stay classy, Linda.

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