Amanda Seyfried Opens Up About Getting Pregnant So Soon After Her Engagement

by Taylor Ortega

Amanda Seyfried considers herself “a very fearful person” who “really didn't take risks,” so it comes as a shock she announced her first pregnancy just months after her engagement to fiancé Thomas Sadoski.

In a recent interview, the “The Last Word” actress told Elle,

I don't question how fast things happen, because I'm actually right where I'm meant to be. I trust the universe.

Meeting her soulmate during her stint in an off-Broadway play, then being paired with him in “The Last Word” taught Amanda to be less fearful in her everyday life.


She told the magazine,

Even if you take a risk and you fail, that failure is going to teach you so much and take you to another place. It's always worth it. It's always fucking worth it… Sometimes one thing can just change the course of your whole life… I chose to do [a] two-person play and I met the man of my dreams. I didn't know it at the time, but it's weird how things work out. And he's now in this movie. When you open yourself up to that, it does change you.

Holy sweet romantic shit, that is inspiring and so true. Who knows where you'll connect with someone special? Or score a job you didn't think you were prepared for?

We all need to live with the unabashed bravery of a pregnant Amanda Seyfried.

Her work with legendary actress Shirley MacLaine in “The Last Word” also helped nudge Amanda toward a less cautious existence.


She shared,

I'm too apologetic… I'm too self-deprecating. When I'm speaking I sometimes start quieting my voice and mumbling because I don't feel I'm worth being heard. And the truth is, that's bullshit… I'm not Shirley MacLaine, but I see that it's okay to be confident. It's okay to trust yourself. She's a very highly evolved human being, and she knows who she is and what she wants. That's an incredibly attractive quality. I don't know why it's taken me that long to know that.

OK, I stand corrected.

We all need to live with the unabashed bravery of a pregnant Amanda Seyfried and any version of Shirley MacLaine.

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