Amanda Seyfried Can Smell The TV Now That She's Pregnant

Uh, does someone have Professor Xavier's phone number? Because I think I have your newest X-Men addition.

As we all know, Amanda Seyfried and her fiancé Thomas Sadoski are going to have a child together, their first.

If you're wondering how the pregnancy has affected her, look no further than her nose. No, seriously, having a bun in the oven means she can smell things that she couldn't smell before.

If you're sipping coffee right about now, put that java down. I have something potentially alarming to tell you: Amanda Seyfried can smell electricity.



In a recent interview with Refinery29, Amanda talked about her heightened sense of smell, saying,

I swear to god I can smell the TV. There's this static-y, metal-y scent. Do you know what I'm talking about?

I mean, I can smell the TV, but that's because there's a family of rats living inside that I'm convinced make the whole damn thing work.

Normally, I'd say that the ability to smell your TV is not a natural one.


Whoa, easy, everyone! Pregnancy heightens all your senses. It's basically the equivalent to being bitten by a radioactive spider and turning into Spider-Man...

A Spider-Man with a little Spider-Baby inside of you. LET THE FANFIC BEGIN!

Amanda also talked about Givenchy's Live Irrésistible fragrance -- she attended a Givenchy event earlier this week -- and how it reminded her of some of her favorite smells, saying,

There's something comforting and cozy about [the smell of] something baking or something sugary. That's why I love those Yankee candles, [in] Buttercream Frosting or Angel Food Cake. I mean, who doesn't put a vanilla-scented candle out in their kitchen? [Those scents] relate to the child in me, which will live on forever. That's also probably the pregnancy talking; I'll blame it on that.

In case you wondering, there are certainly aromas that Amanda does not like to have wafted into her nostrils. She continued,

The only thing I can't tolerate is body odor. Normally, it's fine — I know it'll pass or I can leave the room — but I cannot tolerate it anymore. I have a hard time with that.

Smelling like a TV? Fine. Smelling like a sweaty monster? NOT COOL.

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