Amanda Seyfried Can Smell The TV Now That She's Pregnant


Uh, does someone have Professor Xavier's phone number? Because I think I have your newest X-Men addition.

As we all know, Amanda Seyfried and her fiancé Thomas Sadoski are going to have a child together, their first.

If you're wondering how the pregnancy has affected her, look no further than her nose. No, seriously, having a bun in the oven means she can smell things that she couldn't smell before.

If you're sipping coffee right about now, put that java down. I have something potentially alarming to tell you: Amanda Seyfried can smell electricity.


In a recent interview with Refinery29, Amanda talked about her heightened sense of smell, saying,

I mean, I can smell the TV, but that's because there's a family of rats living inside that I'm convinced make the whole damn thing work.

Normally, I'd say that the ability to smell your TV is not a natural one.

Whoa, easy, everyone! Pregnancy heightens all your senses. It's basically the equivalent to being bitten by a radioactive spider and turning into Spider-Man...

A Spider-Man with a little Spider-Baby inside of you. LET THE FANFIC BEGIN!

Amanda also talked about Givenchy's Live Irrésistible fragrance -- she attended a Givenchy event earlier this week -- and how it reminded her of some of her favorite smells, saying,

In case you wondering, there are certainly aromas that Amanda does not like to have wafted into her nostrils. She continued,

Smelling like a TV? Fine. Smelling like a sweaty monster? NOT COOL.

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