Amanda Seyfried Trolls 'Bachelor' Star Corinne With Hilariously Accurate Tweet

by Hope Schreiber

Monday nights are a little bit easier since "The Bachelor" introduced one of the most confusing personalities of our time: Corinne.

Not only does the 24-year-old still have a nanny, who makes the best cheese pasta, but she's also done a lot of confusing things.

Her actions just don't make sense. If you asked her, "Why whipped cream boobs?" She'd respond, "Why not?"

We are so intrigued by that.

Apparently, so is actress Amanda Seyfried, as she sent out this tweet last night:

Like, Corinne, the door was opened for you?

Is this your taking a stand against the machines? Like, when certain women are like, "I don't need a MAN to open my door?" You don't need a MACHINE to open yours?

More likely, you just didn't see it and you chose the harder/farther away exit just because you missed it completely.

I however like to think you have a deep mistrust for automatic doors that stems from a childhood trauma of getting stuck in one at your local grocery store. (If so, you and I have far more in common than I once assumed -- besides just "my heart is gold, but my vagina is platinum.")

I feel like Corinne and Seyfried's "Mean Girls" character would get along swimmingly.

Regardless, you have to admire Corinne dancing to the beat of her own drummer and choosing the road less traveled. (The road she chose is the one with doors she has to open herself.)

But wait... I have just found evidence Corinne does in fact use automatic doors.


So, which is it, Corinne? Pro- or anti-automatic doors? When will your web of lies and deceit end?

As of yesterday, the remaining contestants are Corinne, Rachel, Raven and Vanessa.

Rachel is set to appear as the next "Bachelorette."

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