Anna Kendrick and Kristen Stewart in 'Twilight'
10 Celebrities You Totally Forgot Were In The Twilight Saga

Time for a rewatch.

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Whether or not you're a Twilight fan, there's a good chance you're familiar with the iconic franchise. When the first book in the series written by Stephenie Meyer was released in 2005, the clouds parted, birds sang, and suddenly everyone wanted to get bitten by Robert Pattinson. While Pattinson and Kristen Stewart became household names for playing the star-crossed lovers, there were actually a lot of other celebrities who were in the Twilight movies. It’s time to head back to the late 2000s for a deep dive into the franchise’s forgotten faces.

Granted, the series was kind of distracting because hello? A grumpy hot vampire falls for an “ordinary” girl and they go on to have animalistic vampire sex and make a half-human baby and live happily ever after? Yes, please. Add in the folklore and superpower aspects — not to mention a few love triangles — and you had yourself a classic franchise (which is now streaming on Netflix, BTW).

Even though Edward and Bella (and Jacob, played by Taylor Lautner, of course) were the central characters of the films, there were a lot of supporting people (and vampires) who helped propel the story. Here’s a rundown of some of the celebs you probably forgot had a role in the films. Boy, don’t you just love seeing them in 2008 fashion?

Anna Kendrick

If you don’t remember Anna Kendrick in Twilight, you’re not the only one. She herself forgot she played the role of Jessica, Bella’s frenemy at school, who gave their class’s graduation speech onscreen. She appeared in the first four films, only missing out on the final installment.

Rami Malek

Prior to being on Amazon’s Mr. Robot and winning the 2019 Academy Award for Best Actor for his role in Bohemian Rhapsody, Rami Malek played a gifted Egyptian vampire named Benjamin in Breaking Dawn: Part 2. His character helped Bella and Edward during the final Volturi battle.

Angela Sarafyan

Before playing Clementine Pennyfeather in Westworld, Angela Sarafyan starred as Tia, Benjamin (Malek)’s partner. Like Benjamin, she was a member of the Egyptian coven.

Dakota Fanning

One of the first times Dakota Fanning played an “evil” character was for the Twilight saga, in which she portrayed Jane, one of the members of the Volturi, the group that guarded the rest of the vampires and had it out for the Cullens.

Maggie Grace

Chances are you recognize Maggie Grace from her roles on The Walking Dead and Taken, but she actually appeared in Breaking Dawn: Part 1 and Breaking Dawn: Part 2 as one of the original members of the Denali coven (who also happen to be vegetarian vampires).

Jamie Campbell Bower

Lily Collins’ ex, Jamie Campbell Bower, starred as Caius — a member of the Volturi — in the Twilight saga, which checks out, because he’s kinda known for his sinister roles. Can’t remember where you’ve seen him? Bower played a young version of Gellert Grindelwald in Harry Potter, a role he later reprised in the Fantastic Beasts series.

Christian Serratos

Before her lead roles in The Walking Dead and Selena: The Series, Christian Serratos made her major motion picture debut as Bella's classmate, Angela Weber. In case you forgot, Angela was shy at first, but after Edward left Bella and everyone went all #TeamJacob in New Moon, she and Bella became close friends.

Bryce Dallas Howard

Rachelle Lefevre originally played Victoria — the super-mean redheaded vampire who was in love with James — in the first two Twilight films, but Jurassic World star Bryce Dallas Howard took on the role in the third movie.

Cam Gigandet

Speaking of James, The OC and Easy A star Cam Gigandet played the villainous, nomadic vampire in the first Twilight film. He’s the vampire who tried to kill Bella in the ballet studio. After Edward killed him, his mate, Victoria, made it her mission to kill Bella.

Noel Fisher

Noel Fisher, who played Mickey on Shameless, served an important role in the Twilight series. His character, Vladimir, was one of the founding members of the Romanian coven, the clan that just so happened to be enemies of the Volturi.

The Twilight saga is streaming now on Netflix.

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