TikTok About 'Twilight's Running Scenes

This TikTok About 'Twilight's Running Scenes Will Make You LOL For Days

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Once upon a time, a gorgeous vampire fell in love with an "ordinary" girl (who actually also happened to be gorgeous), and their love story changed the lives of late-2000s kids, tweens, and teens everywhere. Sure, Edward and Bella's romance was a major draw of Twilight, but seeing the vampires do things like run super fast and lift up cars was also pretty cool. But while the stunts looked awesome onscreen, the way the crew pulled off some of these moves is actually hilarious. This TikTok about Twilight's running scenes shows the secret behind the vamps' sprints, and it'll definitely brighten your day.

Whether or not you're a Twilight stan, there's a good chance you're familiar with the franchise. When the first book in the five-part series written by Stephenie Meyer was released in 2005, fans were immediately enthralled. A kinda grumpy, super sexy vampire falls in love with an everyday girl and they (eventually) have hot vampire sex? Yes, please.

But not only were the characters hot — a lot of them had special powers as well. Some of the vampires could read minds (Edward), some could see the future (Alice), and some could could control other people's emotions (Jasper). No matter what additional skills they possessed, however, all of the vampires in the books and movies had super strength, a thirst for blood, and of course, the ability to run at lightning speed.

Recently, a TikToker shared a video showcasing how the speedy vampire run was filmed, and it looks majorly different behind the scenes than it does onscreen. On Jan. 9, @chloeewebber shared a hilarious video with a behind-the-scenes look at filming. Basically, the actor would run on a treadmill that was pulled to make it look like they were sprinting at super-human speed.

Despite how silly the run looked during filming, it was definitely worth it when the movies came out. The Twilight films grossed $3.3 billion worldwide, and is one of the top 20 highest-grossing film franchises of all time. Additionally, it made superstars out of Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, who starred as the lead couple.

With Stephenie Meyer's plans to write two new Twilight novels, there's a chance fans might get to see more of the vampires' powers on-screen again someday. Until then, enjoy watching your favorite stars jog on a moving treadmill and be thankful that isn't part of your mortal workout routine.