Christian Serratos does not actually sing in 'Selena: The Series.'

Here's Why Christian Serratos Sounds EXACTLY Like Selena In 'Selena: The Series'


Nobody can sing like Selena Quintanilla. The late pop star's voice was legendary, which made it particularly difficult for Netflix's new biographical show Selena: The Series to find the right actor to portray the superstar. The series doesn't waste any time jumping right into a Selena concert scene, which may have some fans wondering if Christian Serratos is really singing in Selena: The Series or not. Serratos revealed the truth about the songs in the new show to PopSugar.

Best known for her roles in the Twilight films and The Walking Dead, Serratos took on her biggest acting challenge yet in channeling Selena to tell the Tejano singer's life story. But Serratos did not have to worry about sounding just like Selena during the numerous singing scenes, because the series opted to use Selena's actual recorded performances and have Serratos lip sync them. So, if you're thinking the songs in the show sound exactly like Selena, it's because they are actually sung by the singer. "The performances are all Selena," Serratos confirmed to PopSugar. "I am lip syncing."

The decision to lip sync makes sense considering Selena's signature voice is nearly impossible to replicate. It's the same choice the creators behind the other major Selena biopic made back in 1997; Jennifer Lopez also lip synced to Selena's actual recordings in Selena.

That's not to say Serratos can't hold a note, though. She proved her singing chops as the star of the 2013 musical movie Pop Star.

Although Serratos is lip syncing in the series, another actor playing Selena actually sang all of her own parts. Madison Taylor Baez, who plays Selena as a child in the show, is an amazing singer IRL, and she had no problem providing her voice to the scenes when young Selena was first learning how to sing and gaining a local following. Baez proved her talent on Instagram by singing the disco medley Selena performed in 1995 at the Houston Astrodome.

It's clear Selena: The Series aimed to celebrate the late singer's music to the fullest extent, and viewers will love to hear all Selena's iconic songs throughout the new Netflix show.