BTS’ Zodiac Signs Say So Much About Everyone’s Role In The Group

It all makes so much sense.

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If you're a fan of all things K-pop, then BTS is probably your sun, moon, and stars. Speaking of stars, what kind of fan are you if you don't know BTS' zodiac signs? Just kidding, I would never question your dedication to BTS. In all seriousness, astrology can say a lot about how each member contributes to the magic of the group. According to astrology, your zodiac sign captures your essence, aura, and overall personality. If you're trying to prove to your friends that you're the biggest BTS fan in existence, knowing and understanding each member's zodiac sign puts you way ahead of the curve. So, allow me to give you the 411.

There's no doubt BTS is one of the most successful bands of all time. I mean, they put out three Billboard No. 1 albums in 2019, and another No. 1 album in 2020. According to Culture Sonar, that record puts them right up there with The Beatles. Their No. 1 album Be spawned two No. 1 Billboard Hot 100 singles (“Dynamite” and “Life Goes On”), making them the first Korean artist to achieve the feat. With so much history-making under their belt, K-pop fans are fully justified in their love. With seven different members to obsess over, it's only natural to want to know everything there is to know about V, Jungkook, Jimin, Suga, Jin, J-Hope, and RM. Let's start with their zodiac signs because that definitely gives you more than enough information to work with.

V: Capricorn (December 30, 1995)

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Capricorn is the most ambitious and hardworking zodiac sign, and since V's personality seems to have it all, it makes way too much sense that he's a Capricorn. He's got charisma, charm, a sense of humor, and a strong work ethic, making it very clear that he's always striving to be the best possible version of himself. He's also famous for being super unique, and someone who marches to the beat of their own drum. This makes sense because Capricorns always prefer to pave their own way. Jimin calls V his “alien” in their Map of the Soul: 7 duet, “Friends,” for a reason.

Jungkook: Virgo (September 1, 1997)

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Virgos are strategic, skilled, and always up for putting in the effort to make their dreams a reality. Since Jungkook is known for being super talented at so many different things (art, photography, sports, cooking, etc.), his Virgoan nature is obvious. No other zodiac sign is willing to perfect their skills in the intense and precise way that Virgo is. Jungkook exemplifies Virgo's multifaceted and methodical approach to hard work, and it shows in his seriously varied body of work. Jungkook has produced songs on BTS’ albums, filmed videos for his Golden Closet Film YouTube series, directed BTS’ “Life Goes On” music video, and even played the drums for a live performance of “Dynamite.” There’s nothing the Golden Maknae can’t do when he puts his mind to it.

Jimin: Libra (October 13, 1995)

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Libras are ruled by Venus — the planet of beauty and art — which explains Jimin's effortlessly elegant qualities. Jimin stands out for his training as a contemporary dancer, and since his style of dancing is so beautiful, what other zodiac sign could he possibly be? Plus, he's got such a graceful presence, and Libra are famous for their natural and alluring charm. Jimin’s name precedes him, which is why his MotS: 7 solo song, “Filter,” even alluded to his irresistible charm. “The more you look, the cuter I am, like crazy / Overcoming different tastes and standards / You'll be wanting only me,” he sings. It’s no surprise fans say “Once you Jim-in, you can’t Jim-out.”

Suga: Pisces (March 9, 1993)

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Marked by mystery, empathy, and vulnerability, it's very appropriate Suga would be a Pisces. After all, he's known for being one of the more reserved members of BTS. He's also been very open about his health, and it's apparent that he's sensitive to the emotions of others. Pisceans are famous for their compassionate and non-judgmental nature, and Suga more than exemplifies that, especially through his striking lyrics on his Agust D mixtapes that dive into those relatable topics.

Jin: Sagittarius (December 4, 1992)

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When I found out that Jin was a Sagittarius, I couldn't believe the accuracy. Sagittarius is ruled by expansive and larger-than-life Jupiter, which explains Jin's sense of humor and outspoken personality. Many fans frequently refer to Jin as the funniest member of BTS, and you only need to watch a few BTS interviews to see that. Jin loves to tell a corny dad joke, and he doesn’t take himself too seriously, so he never minds distracting from another member’s (rare) flub by making a self-deprecating joke. His charm lies in his ability to make everyone laugh, just like a true Sagittarius.

J-Hope: Aquarius (February 18, 1994)

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Aquarius falls under the element of air, making it a highly social, intellectual, quirky, and eccentric zodiac sign. Anyone who knows J-Hope knows that he has a big personality and is probably the most extroverted member of the K-pop band. It's worth noting that Aquarians are very concerned about humanity and have a community-oriented mindset. This helps explain why J-Hope is so connected to his fans, who literally call him their sunshine. After all, he loves letting them know: "I’m your hope, you’re my hope, I’m J-Hope."

RM: Virgo (September 12, 1994)

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Virgos are ruled by Mercury — the planet of communication — so it makes way too much sense that RM would be born under this analytical and intelligent zodiac sign. After all, he often acts as a translator for the rest of the group during English-speaking interviews, which totally exemplifies his Mercurial nature. Plus, Virgos have a way with words. Everyone knows RM’s got bars and he's famous for being a super talented rapper. RM was actually inspired to write one of BTS’ most successful tracks, “Spring Day,” because of a fallen leaf he saw while taking a walk through Saetgang Park in South Korea. The song went on to become the longest-charting track on Korea’s Melon 100 chart, proving RM can basically write a hit song about anything.

Once you know everyone's zodiac signs, it becomes so much clearer how BTS works so well together. Their success was in the stars all along.

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