BTS "Butter" Concept Photo

RM & Jin May Have Teased Another BTS Album Is Coming Sooner Than Later

It's go time, ARMYs!

Photo Courtesy of BIGHIT MUSIC

On Thursday, Aug. 19, RM and Jin did a surprise VLIVE, during which they may have teased another 2021 comeback. BTS’ last release came in July, with their Butter CD. Since it was just a single album featuring their hits “Butter” and “Permission To Dance,” as well as instrumental versions of each track, fans wondered when they would get another full-length record from the group. Now, the septet’s latest livestream has them excited, thinking it could arrive sooner than later. So, is BTS dropping a second album in 2021? Let’s take a look.

After dropping “Butter” on May 21, the septet returned with “Permission To Dance” on July 9. Both songs were highly successful, both hitting No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. Since it’s only August, ARMYs predict they’ll get at least one more release from the group before 2021 ends, especially because BTS usually makes several comebacks a year. Despite doing several interviews these past few weeks while promoting “Permission To Dance,” BTS hasn’t revealed any details about when fans could expect their next comeback. However, that all changed on Thursday, Aug. 19, when RM and Jin did a livestream and may have hinted a new album is on the way.

According to a fan translation by @haruharu_w_bts, during one point of their stream, RM told fans, “I'm sorry we were doing choreo and didn't get to eat!” While BTS could have been doing any choreo, fans thought maybe they could have been practicing a new routine for their next single. What the guys said next had them convinced they were right. “I'm going to say in advance but our new album isn't coming out,” Jin said in what fans perceived as a facetious tone. “There's nothing like that!” RM added.


That was enough to send ARMYs into a frenzy.

While RM and Jin could have been subtly hinting at an album, there’s a possibility they meant what they said: that there is no album coming. Only time will tell, ARMYs, so stay tuned! Anything could happen!