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Jungkook May Have A New Piercing, So Here's How Many He Has In Total

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One question ARMYs have been asking for years is, “How many piercings does BTS’ Jungkook have?” The answer is complicated because he’s constantly changing his appearance every comeback. Sometimes, he gets real piercings, and other times, he’s preferred using stickers. Since it’s hard to tell which of his piercings are real or not, ARMYs are always paying attention to BTS’ livestreams, performances, and interviews to try and catch a better look at his mysterious jewelry. While fans don’t know his exact number of piercings, they think they have a good guess. Here’s what they’ve come up with so far.

Around August 2019, ARMYs theorized Jungkook had about six piercings. During an Aug. 6 episode of the group’s variety show Run BTS!, Jungkook debuted a whole new look. Not only did he have long hair, but he showed off new jewelry. Fans saw six piercings on him, however, since the Run BTS! episodes are filmed sometime before they actually premiere, they knew that number was probably not accurate. While BTS didn’t appear at the M2 x Genie Awards that month in person, they did share a video of themselves thanking ARMY for their awards. In BTS' acceptance video, Jungkook showed off seven piercings, revealing he's added one more to his collection — a fourth to his left ear. Shortly afterward, he shared a selfie on Weverse that gave fans a better look at his seven pieces of jewelry.

Fans have never seen Jungkook rocking that many earrings at once, so it took them a minute to process because it was too much to handle.

The latest debate about Jungkook’s piercings came on Friday, May 21, when BTS dropped their “Butter” music video. The star debuted an eyebrow piercing in the video that had fans convinced it was real. However, Jungkook confirmed during a VLIVE later that day the piercing was just a sticker that he put on his face with glue.

Fans were disappointed they were wrong, but just a few weeks later, they got excited again when they realized Jungkook may have gotten the piercing for real. During BTS’ 2021 Muster Sowoozoo, the singer had on the piece of jewelry again, but this time, fans could tell it wasn’t just a sticker. They could clearly see it was made of metal. They thought maybe Jungkook liked his fake piercing so much he made it a reality.

His latest addition seemingly brings his number of piercings to eight, but if fans remember, Jungkook once rocked two helix piercings back in the day, which could mean he has up to ten.

The truth is, Jungkook’s total amount of piercings still remains a mystery.

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