Here's Why BTS Had To Miss The MGMAs Despite Winning 6 Awards

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

BTS, where you at?! The M2 x Genie Awards are currently underway in South Korea, but RM, Jimin, V, Suga, Jin, Jungkook, and J-Hope are not on the premises. Leading up to this award show (which is basically the equivalent of our Billboard Music Awards in that it bases wins on music chart successes and other factors), fans were wondering if BTS, which is nominated for a slew of awards at this show, would appear and possibly even perform. That's why so many fans are now wondering, "Why wasn't BTS at the M2 x Genie Awards?"

It's a fair question. I mean, if I were nominated for nearly 10 awards at an award show, my a** would be there to soak in all that glory. Ain't no shame in celebrating yourself! But where is BTS? The M2 x Genie Awards is a fairly new award show in South Korea, and BTS attended the very first show in 2018, so fans thought they may pull a surprise appearance like they did at the Korean Music Awards back in February. But, considering the band is reportedly on a two-month hiatus, their absence at the show should come as no surprise to fans.

In total, the guys were nominated for seven awards: Male Group, Performing Artist (Male), Genie Inkisang Award, Top Artist, Best Selling Artist, Top Music, and the Global Popularity Award. Considering their award show track record (they tend to win many of the categories they're nominated in, both at Korean and American award shows, given the fact that they're literally the biggest boy band in the world right now), it's always safe to assume they'd win a majority of the seven awards they were nominated for. You'd like to think artists (either solo or groups) would be able to make it to the show to accept their wins, but life as global pop sensations is a busy one, so it's understandable the boys had to pass.

To no one's surprise, BTS won the Global Popularity Award! Some fans were hoping BTS would make a surprise appearance at the show, but the guys were kinda busy, so they appeared via a recorded acceptance speech instead, which is still exciting!

BTS went on to win 5 more awards for Performing Artist Male, Genie Music Popularity, Male Group, Top Video (Daesang), and Top Artist (Daesang). Easy.

As much as a surprise performance would have literally slayed their fandom and given the audience (both in-person at the show and viewers at home) a delightful musical treat, BTS couldn't be there because they're on a hiatus while they work on new projects and that's completely understandable.

This is technically the first-ever M2 x Genie Awards. The first show of this nature was held in November 2018, although then it was called the MBC Plus x Genie Awards. The Genie Awards had partnered with the MBC network to air the show, hence the name of the 2018 production. For the 2019 production, Genie has partnered with Mnet's digital studio, M2.

It's honestly understandable that the guys chose not to go. Their schedule is jam-packed for the rest of 2019 with tour dates to complete and a rumored new album coming out in the fall, so their current hiatus is well deserved. As was all their MGMA awards! GO BTS!