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Jungkook Confirmed His Eyebrow Piercing Is Real, In Case You Still Weren't Sure

Suspicions, confirmed.

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Jungkook is not letting ARMYs rest. His appearance in BTS’ “Butter” music video had ARMYs swooning because he not only showed off shoulder-length violet hair, but a new eyebrow piercing. Fans only had one thought on their minds when they saw his latest piece of jewelry: Is BTS’ Jungkook’s eyebrow piercing real? During a July 29 VLIVE, he finally answered the question once and for all.

Fans have been discussing Jungkook’s mysterious piercings for years. They guess he has around seven to nine piercings in his ears, but since he’s always changing up his look, they can never tell. In the past, J-Hope has admitted his earrings were actually clip-ons and not real piercings, so fans are always second-guessing themselves when they think they spot a new one on a BTS member.

That’s exactly what happened when BTS dropped their “Butter” music video on Friday, May 21, and Jungkook showed off a piercing on his eyebrow. ARMYs wondered if it was real, and then just an hour after the music video’s premiere, pictures of Jungkook wearing an eyebrow piercing at BTS’ “Butter” press conference began circulating online. At that point, fans were convinced Jungkook added to his piercing collection. They even got the phrase “THE PIERCING IS REAL” trending on Twitter.

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However, during a VLIVE later that day, Jungkook said his piercing in the music video wasn’t real, and that he just stuck it to his face using glue. ARMYs felt fooled once again.

Fast-forward three weeks, and Jungkook definitely knew how to keep ARMYs on their toes. The weekend of BTS’ 2021 Muster Sowoozoo on June 13 and 14, he showed off his piercing again, but this time, fans were convinced it wasn’t just a sticker. When they zoomed into pictures of Jungkook, they could tell the piercing was solid and the metal bar holding it in place seemed to protrude at points. Apart from that, it seemed unlikely a face piercing would stay so firmly in place with just glue throughout the entirety of a two-hour concert where Jungkook was dancing furiously, sweating heavily, and wiping his face constantly.

ARMYs were convinced Jungkook liked his “Butter” piercing so much, he went out and actually got it done. A similar thing happened when Jimin debuted a fake “Nevermind” tattoo during BTS’ 2014 MAMAs performance, only to get the phrase permanently inked for real sometime in 2018.

As it turns out, fans were right! In his July 29 VLIVE, Jungkook confirmed his piercing was initially fake, but then he got it pierced for real. According to a fan translation by @ryuminating, while responding to a fan about his mysterious piercing, Jungkook said, “Oh my eyebrow? Yes, I pierced it! It was bothersome to keep using the stickers so I just got it pierced.”

That answers that question, ARMYs! Jungkook’s piercing is 100% real!

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