ARMYs Don't Know What To Do With Themselves After Watching BTS' "Butter" Video

Well, other than press replay.

It’s comeback day, ARMYs! Six months after BTS dropped their last single, “Life Goes On,” in November 2020, the group has now returned with their second English-language track, “Butter.” Just like Big Hit predicted, the song has melted its way into the hearts of fans around the world instantly. If you saw all the BTS-related trends on Twitter, you’ll have guessed the song’s unique sound and lyrics have ARMYs hooked. The best part of it all is BTS’ “Butter” music video brings the song to life through stunning visuals and choreography.

When Big Hit announced on Monday, April 26, that a new BTS single was coming, they teased “Butter” by saying it was a “dance-pop track brimming with the smooth yet charismatic charm of BTS." The agency also compared it to BTS’ previous English-language single “Dynamite,” which became the group’s first No. 1 hit on the Billboard Hot 100 in August 2020, by calling “Butter” another “summer smash hit.” That was all it took to get ARMYs excited for the song. What made them even more hyped for the release was all of the “Butter” teaser photos Big Hit dropped ahead of “Butter”’s official release. The pictures showed BTS with bright hair colors, hinting the video would be vibrant and fun, just like the track itself.

Well, the video lived up to all the hype. The video was brimming with energy. Starting in all black and white, the boys still managed to make every frame pop with their smooth energy. By the chorus, the boys were in technicolor and dancing in unison. The boys rocked various bright outfits as they sang their verses, and then showed off their individual charms during an endearing dance break. Check out the video for yourself below.

The video was such a hit, it broke major YouTube records. In just 30 minutes, the video racked up 15 million views, making it the fastest in history to hit the mark. What makes the record even more impressive is that BTS beat out themselves in the process. “Butter” broke “Dynamite”’s record (it reached the 15 million mark in 43 minutes).

Now ARMYs are losing it over everything about the video, especially the song’s smooth-as-hell lyrics.

Fans couldn’t get over all the boys’ bright hair color, especially Jungkook, who was rocking shoulder-length cobalt violet hair.

But make no mistake. All the boys were serving looks.

ARMYs will have the “Butter” music video on repeat for the foreseeable future.