BTS Looks Casually Chic In New "Butter" Photos With Pancakes & Popcorn

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ARMYs, it's time to celebrate! BTS has given everyone another taste of "Butter." Just a little over a week before their single's official release on Friday, May 21, the group began sharing teaser photos online that hinted at their upcoming era. Trust me, fans won't be able to handle BTS' "Butter" teaser photos, because the guys are rocking such iconic looks.

Fans knew they were coming thanks to BTS' "Butter" promotional schedule that listed all the important dates fans should look out for throughout May. Still, when BTS' first group teaser photo for "Butter" came on May 9, fans were taken aback at the guys' new appearances. RM had pink hair, J-Hope was blonde, Jimin was blonde with pink and purple streaks, Jungkook had purple hair tied back in a ponytail, and Jin, Suga, and V looked like they were all brunette. ARMYs agreed BTS looked so good with their latest hair colors and their super dapper suits. They thought their looks fit perfectly with their smooth "Butter" concept.

ARMYs couldn't wait to get another sneak peek. The next day, fans were shook because they got not one, but two teaser photos. The first showed Jungkook in a grey suit flaunting his purple hair, while the second featured RM with his pink hair and stylish white suit giving the camera an intense gaze. Take a look at BTS' "Butter" teaser photos below.

ARMYs loved seeing Jungkook and RM's new hair up close, and they're excited to see the rest of the solo shots of the guys, especially Suga, since they can't tell if his hair is really black or secretly green from the first group teaser. "IS YOONGI'S HAIR BLACK OR GREEN???? ANWNYAYS HE LOOKS SO FREAKING EXPENSIVE AND HOT IDC BDHDJW," one fan tweeted.

"Is Yoongi's hair kinda black and green or am i seeing things???" another wrote.

The next day, fans got their answer with the release of Jin and Suga's teaser photos. As it turns out, both guys are rocking brown hair this comeback!

Finally, on May 13, Big Hit released Jimin, V, and J-Hope's teaser photos. Jimin's rainbow hair and J-Hope's new blonde look shine in the snaps, while V's brunette 'do looked as chic as ever while he rocked his orange suit.

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On Sunday, May 16, BigHit shared a second round of "Butter" teaser photos. The boys were still dressed to the nines in suits for the second group shot, but the went couture in their individual shots.

The solo photos showed a more chic side to BTS, with the singers posing in high-fashion black-and-white looks while munching on buttery snacks like popcorn and pancakes.

According to BTS' "Butter" promotional schedule, the song's music video teaser will arrive on May 18, and finally, the official single and MV on Friday, May 21.

ARMYs are having so much fun with all these teasers, and they're looking forward to hearing "Butter" soon!

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