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Jin's Hobbies Outside Of BTS Prove He’s A Man Of Many Talents

There's not much Jin can't do!

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Spending eight years together has made BTS as close as brothers. Since they’re always performing, rehearsing, and making music, fans often wonder what the guys do on days off by themselves. Considering they’re all genuinely passionate about what they do, it’s no surprise they spend time alone learning new instruments and recording solo songs. The members are so supportive of each other’s individual projects. However, music isn’t all they do. The members of BTS also love relaxing by watching TV and playing video games as much as any other person. Having a mix of hobbies helps them not get burn out. For example, Jin’s hobbies include a bit of everything, allowing him to explore various interests.

Fans discovered some of Jin’s hobbies by watching BTS’ interviews, live streams, and YouTube videos. They’ve also learned more about him through the group’s reality series like Bon Voyage and In The Soop, which show the members vacationing together. ARMYs love seeing the guys take their minds off work because they’re all so deserving of a break.

If you’re curious about what Jin’s hobbies are when he’s not on stage performing, check them out below.


Fans saw Jin fish several times on Bon Voyage and In The SOOP. He usually goes with Suga, who Jin calls his “fishing partner.” During BTS’ extended vacation in August 2019, the two met up at 3:30 a.m. one day so they could fish right in the morning. Jin’s Oct. 9, 2019, vlog revealed their fishing trip is more of a bonding experience between them because they eat and talk while waiting to catch anything.

Video Games

In case you didn’t know, Jin is a big gamer. Sometimes, for his birthday, he plays online with ARMYs. During an August 2020 interview with Vogue Japan, Jin said he especially got to enjoy his hobby while the world was in shut-down mode. “I play games and sleep (when I have free time),” he told the publication. He loves games like Maple Story, The Lion King, and Super Mario. Fun fact: Jin even has a collection of Mario-themed items in his room.


As ARMYs know, Jin is a talented cook. He was actually BTS’ designated cook during their early days as a group, as seen in their old YouTube videos. Jin loved the hobby so much that he used to have a food blog called “Jin’s Cooking Diary.” Fans have seen his skills in the kitchen on episodes of the group’s variety series Run BTS! According to Koreaboo, Jin revealed in January 2021 cooking used to be his favorite thing to do, but lately, he hasn’t done it much due to his food allergies. Although he may not cook as much these days, it seems he still loves it.

Playing Guitar & Piano

Jin is a man of many talents. Besides being an amazing singer and dancer, he’s also picked up how to play a few instruments. Fans have seen him play the piano on stage during his “Epiphany” performances throughout BTS’ Love Yourself tour, which ran from August 2018 to October 2019. In May 2020, Jin filmed a YouTube live stream during which he gave fans a mini piano concert. He had a music book open in front of him, which meant he knew how to read music sheets.

Jin can also play the guitar. He once showed off his hidden talent by playing an acoustic version of “Boy In Luv” during a November 2016 BTS concert.


Jin helped co-write BTS’ songs like “Boyz Wth Fun” and “Outro: Love Is Not Over.” He was also involved in the songwriting process for his solo songs like “Awake” and “Moon,” both of which were featured on the group’s albums.

In June 2019, Jin dropped his first solo song outside of the group called “Tonight.” He explained in a note to fans that he wrote it after one of his pets passed away. A year later, in December 2020, Jin released “Abyss.” He said the track meant a lot to him, not only because he helped write it, but because it helped him recover after feeling “burn out.” Fans always appreciate his honesty in his solo music.

It’s nice to know Jin’s hobbies include both music and non-music-related activities!