Britney Spears' note about Jamie Lynn is so raw.

Britney Called Jamie Lynn "A Scum Person" In Her Most Brutal Note Yet

Brit is not holding back at all.

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Britney has a lot to say to her younger sister, and she isn’t holding back one bit. ICYMI, Jamie Lynn Spears appeared on ABC on Jan. 12 to promote her new memoir, Things I Should Have Said. During her interview, she explained why she included allegations against her sister, such as a claim Britney once locked the two of them in a room with a knife. As expected, Britney Spears wrote a note about Jamie Lynn in response to the alleged incident, and she was not happy about the claim.

Britney wrote her note to Jamie Lynn on Twitter on Jan. 14 following her younger sister’s TV appearance. In response to the allegations, Britney did not curb her opinions. “Jamie Lynn ... congrats, babe! You’ve stooped to a whole new level of LOW,” Spears wrote. “I’ve never been around you ever with a knife, or would I ever even think to do such,” she continued. “The only knife I ever saw you with at home was cutting the biggest piece of squash I ever saw in my life, and it was way too big for me to cut … So please, please stop with these crazy lies for the Hollywood books !!!”

She didn’t stop there, either. Britney went as far as to call her sister “a scum person” due to the claim. “NOW and only NOW I do know only a scum person would make up such things about someone,” she said, expressing her disappointment. “I’m actually very confused about you making that up because it’s honestly not like you at all !!!!”

The singer concluded her note with another jab. “Congrats on introducing your older sister [to] the concept of getting LOW … LOWER … LOWEST … because you win on that one, babe !!!!” she wrote with a trophy emoji.

The Spears sisters have been engaging in public arguments since Jamie Lynn recently began doing interviews to promote her book. The ABC interview, conducted by Juju Chang, showed the Zoey 101 alum discussing the “complicated dynamics” in her family. She also claimed she didn’t understand what was happening when Britney’s conservatorship was first put in place in 2008. “First off, I don’t understand — when it was put into place, I was a 17-year-old — I was about to have a baby,” she said. “I was focused on the fact that I was a 17-year-old about to have a baby. I understand just as little about it then as I do now.”

Jamie Lynn’s book was also featured on Good Morning America on Jan. 12, and during that interview, she said she’s always been supportive of Britney. “I’ve always been my sister’s biggest supporter, so when she needed help, I set up ways to do so.”

Nonetheless, terms used in her memoir when discussing her sister’s mental health included “spiraling,” “erratic,” and “paranoid.”

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Britney also commented on Jamie Lynn’s GMA appearance after it aired, writing on Twitter on Jan. 13, “I watched it with a 104 [degree] fever lol, and it was actually kind of nice having a fever so high cause I had to surrender to not caring.” The pop star added, “I just couldn’t give a f*ck, but my head hurt so bad … of course, I’m a drama queen if I get sick, so I think I was dying.”

The “Baby One More Time” singer publicly addressed what bothered her about the interview. “My sister said was how my behavior was out of control,” Britney wrote. “She was never around me much 15 years ago at that time …. So why are they even talking about that unless she wants to sell a book at my expense ???”

Britney’s conservatorship officially ended in November 2021, but things have only gotten more heated between her and her sister Jamie Lynn in its aftermath.