Britney Spears unfollowed her Jamie Lynn on Instagram.

Britney Spears Unfollowed Her Sister Jamie Lynn On Instagram

Talk about fireworks.

by Daffany Chan
KMazur/WireImage/Getty Images

Britney Spears may be free of her conservatorship, but it looks like there may be more family drama to come in 2022. Britney Spears unfollowed her sister Jamie Lynn Spears on Instagram, and naturally, the decision is getting plenty of buzz amongst fans. Britney’s latest social media move comes after a slew of conflict between the pop icon and her family regarding her 13-year conservatorship.

On Jan. 1, 2022, Britney Spears fans noticed she removed Jamie Lynn as one of the accounts she follows on IG. As of Sunday, Jan. 2, Jamie Lynn’s Instagram handle, @jamielynnspears, is no longer on the list of Britney’s 46 follows on the platform, which consists mostly of other musicians. Of course, Britney’s move to unfollow her younger sister isn’t all that surprising, since the Spears family has regularly made headlines for controversy surrounding the singer’s conservatorship. After the singer’s conservatorship ended on Nov. 12, 2021, Britney has been speaking put publicly against some of her family members.

Jamie Lynn faced heavy criticism from fans for staying notably silent during her sister’s conservatorship trial. Though Jamie Lynn did finally break her silence in an emotional video shared on her Instagram story on June 28, her statement certainly had fans split — and even had some questioning the 30-year-old’s authenticity. “I felt like until my sister could speak for herself and say what she felt she needed to say publicly, it wasn’t my place and it wasn’t the right thing to do,” Jamie Lynn began. She continued on by affirming her support for Britney as a sister rather than a celebrity, saying, “This situation does not affect me either way because I am only her sister who is only concerned about her happiness.”

Despite Jamie Lynn’s statement on IG, a petition to remove Jamie Lynn Spears from her Netflix show Sweet Magnolias made rounds in October 2021. Sweet Magnolias, which debuted in May 2020, was renewed for a second season in July 2021, with Jamie Lynn set to be promoted from a recurring role to a main part. However, Britney supporters weren’t so happy with that, and a Change.org petition to remove Jamie Lynn from the show has racked up over 28,800 signatures as of Jan. 2.

In recent months, Britney has been more vocal about how she hasn’t been getting along with her family. Though Britney hasn’t explained why she unfollowed Jamie Lynn on IG, it’s clear from the pop icon’s recent statements regarding her conservatorship that she isn’t interested in maintaining certain relationships in 2022.