Britney Spears in the "....Baby One More Time" music video.

These DIY Britney Spears Halloween Costumes Are 100% Iconic

Wear these in support of the #FreeBritney movement.

Once summer comes to an end, my only focus is on the next most important time of year: Halloween. Considering last year was probably not the Halloween you thought it would be (am I the only one who spent the evening in sweatpants watching Netflix and eating Chinese food?), there’s really no better opportunity than now to invest in this year’s costume. But where, oh, where, are you going to find inspiration for something cute and original? I’ve got you. To celebrate the spookiest holiday, I suggest dressing up as the legendary, iconic, and one and only Britney Spears.

For months, fans like myself have proudly championed the #FreeBritney movement, rooting for the pop star in her fight for financial and emotional autonomy. In September 2021, a Los Angeles court’s decision to remove her father, Jamie Spears, as her conservator sent fans into a celebratory frenzy — and for good reason. Britney’s reaction to the ruling also appeared to be joyous. So, what better way to continue that momentum than to channel Britney for Halloween?

From Britney’s “...Baby One More Time” schoolgirl getup to her unforgettable “Slave 4 U” performance during which she literally held a live snake across her bare shoulders, Britney has always delivered plenty of fashion inspo. Below are seven Britney Spears Halloween costumes you can try for yourself. Might I recommend gathering a few BFFs to join you?

1. The Epic Britney And JT Denim Moment

Frank Trapper/Corbis Entertainment/Getty Images

Putting aside your feelings (whatever they may be) about him for a moment, remember when Britney and Justin Timberlake were a thing? Back in 2001, the A-list couple showed up to the American Music Awards wearing matching denim outfits. Britney wore a patchwork denim dress with a show-stopping rhinestone choker necklace, so if you’re going to recreate the look, these are basically the two items you’ll need. Your bestie or someone special can stand by your side, rocking a Canadian tuxedo and denim cowboy hat.

2. Britney’s 2001 VMAs “Slave 4 U” Performance


In September 2001, Britney performed “Slave 4 U” on the MTV VMAs stage with a boa constrictor resting across her shoulders. Even if you didn’t watch the show, you know the image — it was absolutely unforgettable. In order to pull off this version of Brit on stage, all you have to wear is a little green bra, denim shorts, and knee-high boots. Oh, and don’t forget the (stuffed animal) snake.

3. The Classic “Oops!” Red Latex Look

Also in 2001, Britney dropped the video for the “Oops...I Did It Again” song, which saw her wearing a red latex body suit and big, black boots. Wear this outfit with a high ponytail, and don’t forget to put on lots of white eyeshadow. For a couples costume idea, it wouldn’t hurt to show up with a cute astronaut on your arm. Good luck finding one!

4. The “...Baby One More Time” Schoolgirl Outfit

It’s impossible to think of DIY Britney costumes without immediately remembering the pop star’s 1999 “...Baby One More Time” video. It set the stage for everything to come. So if you’re leaning towards this look, don’t forget to braid your hair into pigtails, and cap it all off by adding those adorable marabou ponytail holders.

5. Britney’s “Toxic” Flight Attendant

Is there anything cuter than dressing up as a flight attendant for Halloween? Yes, the answer is giving the costume a Britney spin. In her “Toxic” video, she pulled the look off while dancing on a plane wearing a blue attendant outfit and a matching hat.

6. Britney’s “Like A Virgin” Performance With Madonna

Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic, Inc/Getty Images

In August 2003, the passing of the pop icon torch took place on the VMAs stage when Madonna and Britney shared a tongue-tied kiss. You might not remember what Britney wore, considering the... distraction, but it’s a pretty easy outfit to replicate. All you’ll need is a white dress fit for a party or a cocktail wedding, and lots of pearls and white lace gloves. Don’t forget the gum in your mouth!

7. Britney’s 2000 Grammys Red Carpet Look


The classic (and easy) white outfit Britney wore to the 2000 Grammys was also unforgettable. With a tight white dress, a (faux) fur shawl, and a beautiful diamond necklace, Britney’s look is easy to remake. Here’s a free couples outfit idea: If you want to take it even further, bring a “bodyguard” with you.

Regardless of which OG Britney look you go with, these iconic outfits are sure to turn heads.