'Bridgerton' fans think Kate and Anthony's India trip in Season 3 is a plot hole.

Bridgerton Fans Are Calling Out A Glaring Kanthony Plot Hole In S3

Make it make sense.


Bridgerton fans swooned over Anthony Bridgerton and Kate Sharma’s passionate romance in Season 2, but something felt a bit off in Season 3. Their chemistry was still off the charts, with memorable sex scenes and even more loving back-and-forths about how happy their marriage is, but the couple’s final scene together left most fans very confused. Sure, Anthony’s offer had an amazing intent behind it, but viewers couldn’t get over how impractical and out-of-character the big decision seemed.

Spoiler alert: This post discusses the penultimate episode of Bridgerton Season 3. Kanthony mostly served as marital advisors for Colin in the third season, imparting hard-earned wisdom about how he should view his new partnership with Penelope. Surprisingly, their biggest relationship update wasn’t really given much screen time. Because of everything going on with Colin and Francesca, Anthony and Kate didn’t get to make Kate’s pregnancy the big announcement they wanted it to be. And their last scene of the season suggested the couple might not be back next year.

As Kate grew closer to her due date, Anthony made her a grandiose offer: that they should sail off to India together so Kate could give birth to their baby in her hometown. There’s no doubt it’s a hugely romantic gesture, which highlights that Anthony sees and respects how much Kate’s heritage means to her, but on the practical side... it doesn’t really make any sense.

In the scene where they decide to make the voyage, Kate is already visibly pregnant, and a ship ride to India from London would have taken anywhere from four to six months. That makes it pretty likely that Kate would have to give birth on the ship with non-ideal care, something that fans don’t believe Anthony would ever actually risk.


The out-of-character decision stood out even more since fans of Kanthony had already been noticing how the couple wasn’t being treated the same as other leads. Noticeably, many of their milestone moments (like their wedding and honeymoon) were only mentioned in side comments and never actually shown on-screen.


Because of how long the trip to India will be, it’s unclear if Anthony and Kate will be part of Season 4. However, there is hope thanks to the suggestion of a time jump in the Season 3 finale. As Benedict bid farewell to his Scotland-bound sister Eloise, she promised she’d return next year for her mother’s masquerade ball. This event will likely be the focal point of next season, given it’s where Benedict meets his love interest Sophie in the novels. Hopefully, Anthony and Kate will be back just in time to give Benedict some of their world-famous marriage advice.