Why Did Rachel Pick Bryan On 'The Bachelorette'? We All Need To Know

by Anna Menta
ABC/Rodrigo Varela

Warning: This post contains the BIGGEST SPOILER for The Bachelorette finale. After spending two hours of your life every week watching various men attempt to win Rachel Lindsay's heart on The Bachelorette, you start to get pretty invested in these guys. It's hard not to judge Rachel's decisions, even if you know logically that this is her life, and not yours. So when it came to Monday night's three-hour finale and that finale rose, I can't help but ask: Seriously, why did Rachel pick Bryan on The Bachelorette?

Listen, I don't mean to sound judgmental. Bryan is... fine. He's fine! But of the 31 suitors we met in Week 1, I really wouldn't have thought Bryan would be the one putting a ring on it in the finale. And then even when he made to the final three, I was still holding out hope for fan-favorite Peter. But unfortunately, Peter was too much of a commitment wimp to win this thing, which is fair. I wouldn't want to get engaged to a guy who's a afraid of marriage either.

But why Bryan? Well, here was the reasoning Rachel gave to Chris Harrison in the live finale special:

During hometowns when I was defending him to my family -- and I was explaining why he means so much to me -- I told them he was my best friend. And that was shocking to me, but it's true.

Fair enough. Rachel and Bryan also talked wedding and life details with Chris. The couple isn't sure where they want to live yet, and haven't planned a wedding — they aren't rushing things. They are mostly just excited to not hide their relationship anymore.

When you look back on the season, there are some hints that Bryan was destined to win this thing.

He got the first impression rose.

You may not recall, but Bryan actually received the very first rose Rachel ever gave out, back in May. The two had a very successful first meeting — and by very successful, I mean they were already swapping saliva by the end of it. I guess Rachel really trusts her instincts!

He was the only one to meet Rachel's friends.


This was a big hint during the hometown episode: Bryan got to meet two of Rachel's closest friends, while Peter and Eric did not. Playing favorites much, Rachel?

That family dinner was awkward... but also felt the most real.


When Bryan's mom got all intense mother-in-law on Rachel, it was definitely awkward. But it was also the most authentic parent moment Rachel had with any of her suitors' fam. If you genuinely thought your son was going to get married to a reality show star, would you want to grill her a bit?

And of course, there's also the fact that Peter refused to commit to marriage, which sort of forced Rachel to pick Bryan by default.

Maybe we should have seen this coming after all. Best of luck, Bryan and Rachel! And Peter, best of luck to you with all the propositions you're probably getting tonight.