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Greg Grippo and Victoria Fuller clarified the full timeline of their relationship.

Greg & Victoria Clarified The Full Timeline Of Their ‘Ship

And they addressed those cheating claims.


ICYMI, Greg Grippo and Victoria Fuller are together-together. The not-quite-popular couple announced their relationship status on the Bachelor In Paradise finale, which aired on Nov. 22. But most Bachelor fans already knew they were seeing each other. As Paradise aired and Bachelor Nation watched Victoria and Johnny DePhillipo hit it off (and eventually get engaged), rumors about Greg and Victoria were already circulating — mostly because they took an ill-advised (but kinda legendary?) trip to Rome together in October. The timeline of Greg and Victoria’s relationship was... murky at best, so they went on The Viall Files podcast to clarify when they got together and to put an end to cheating rumors.

According to Victoria, there was no overlap between her relationships with Greg and Johnny. During the finale, she told host Jesse Palmer that any cheating accusations were unequivocally false — but she didn’t get the last word. “I still consider talking to someone else while we’re working through our issues cheating or emotional cheating,” Johnny said.

So, what does the actual timeline of Johnny and Victoria’s breakup — plus, Greg and Victoria’s romance — look like? Victoria laid it all out on The Viall Files. Apparently, things were already on rocky ground when they left the beach. Victoria claimed that Johnny exaggerated his career, initially telling her he owned a bar when he actually just bartended there. “That was probably where things started to change when we first got off the show,” she explained.

On their first happy couples weekend (the Bachelor term for a secret get-together organized by producers), a more toxic side to their relationship came to light — one that resulted in a broken wine glass and a noise complaint. After Victoria told Johnny he would never have been the Bachelor, she claimed he called her a “f*cking home wrecker.” Victoria recalled, “In that moment, I was like, you’re supposed to be my person, who uplifts me and doesn’t use what the general public has said about me. You’re supposed to be on my team, and I was so hurt and frustrated.” Later in the fight, when Johnny was on the phone outside, things escalated. After overhearing him repeat his home wrecker comment and claim she was “wigging out,” Victoria said she “open[ed] the door, and I threw a wine glass, and it shattered.” She added, “No one was at risk.”

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Per Victoria, that argument was the beginning of the end. She remembered saying, “We’re not healthy. We are so f*cking toxic, and I don’t want to be in this anymore.” According to her, it was in August that they had their first conversation about ending things. (Paradise wrapped filming around the end of June.)

In the beginning of September, the couple had another breakup conversation, and by Sept. 5, they were officially on a break. “I knew it was over, but for him, I knew that he wasn’t there yet,” Victoria said. “We weren’t even communicating at that time.”

Around Sept. 20, Johnny took a trip to Nashville, Victoria’s hometown, for his birthday. Though she said they wouldn’t see each other while he was there, Johnny asked for one more conversation. She agreed, and they talked for 45 minutes. Victoria recalled she told him, “Johnny, this is over. I’m so sorry you’re hurting, and I’m hurting too right now.” When he asked for “one more night together,” she said no. In Victoria’s mind, that’s when Johnny saw the breakup as official.

At the end of September, she and Greg reconnected. Though they had spoken briefly when she got back from the beach (which Victoria said Johnny “was totally on board for”), it was completely platonic back then. By the end of September, however, they were ready to explore the possibility of a romantic relationship. Greg visited her in Nashville, but they still weren’t sure if it could be anything more serious, and Greg was “hesitant.” He explained, “We obviously really like one another, but I don’t think this is good timing with everything that’s going on.. We’re not delusional. It’s not the best way to start a brand new relationship.” Still, they wanted to continue seeing each other.

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In late October, they decided to take a trip to Rome, somewhere they hoped they wouldn’t run into Bachelor fans. According to Greg, being able to go out in public “changed everything.” (Of course, they were spotted — hence the cheating accusations circulating on social media.) Ten days later, Victoria asked Greg to be her boyfriend.

Though Victoria acknowledged that she moved on quickly, she added, “If I don’t want to be with somebody because it’s a toxic environment, I shouldn’t have to be with that person because the world wants me to. At the end of the day, I broke up with him and I’m so sorry he’s hurting, and Im hurting too, but I should be able to move on.”

Victoria added, “I just wanted Johnny to take accountability for the fact that our relationship was going downhill prior to Greg and I starting to talk. That’s it.”