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What happened to Johnny and Victoria after 'Bachelor In Paradise?'

Johnny & Victoria Have *Very* Different Stories About Their Breakup

Insert Oprah's meme: "So what's the truth?"


Johnny DePhillipo and Victoria Fuller left the beaches of Bachelor In Paradise as a happily engaged couple, but they didn’t stay in the honeymoon stage for long. The duo broke up a month after filming ended. Although there’s still some confusion about what went down between them — mostly because they can’t seem to agree on exactly what happened — it definitely wasn’t a clean breakup. According to Victoria, Johnny said some horrible, unforgivable things to her. Johnny has a different story: He claimed that Victoria was talking to Greg while they were still engaged. Sooo, what really happened to Johnny and Victoria after BIP? Here’s what they said during the finale reunion.

From the start, Johnny wasn’t sure about proposing on the Paradise beach. “I didn’t come here expecting an engagement,” he told Neil Lane while picking out a ring during the finale episode. However, his relationship with Victoria changed his mind. Victoria also didn’t seem completely sold on a proposal. “I didn’t think ... I was going to meet the man of my dreams in Paradise,” she said. “It’s only right ‘cause it’s Johnny.”

During their proposal scene, Victoria told Johnny, “I literally cannot even imagine life without you at this point.” Johnny shared a similar sentiment. “I will never leave your side ever,” he told her, before asking her to marry him.

But despite the adorable proposal, things didn’t last for Victoria and Johnny.

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Johnny explained at the reunion, “As of right now, me and Victoria are not engaged anymore… I want to say I’m good, but it really does break my heart that she’s not sitting here next to me as my fiancée.” According to him, they ended things a month after their proposal. “I started to feel not good enough for her. We started arguing and fights like that. I really wanted to trust her, but I don’t know,” he told Jesse Palmer.

Victoria had another version of events to share. “When we were on Paradise, things were rainbows and butterflies for us,” she said. However, once they left, they experienced a “lot of ups and downs,” prompting Victoria to tell him, “I am not going to be engaged to you if we’re fighting this much, this soon, and this toxic.” Apparently, Johnny called her a few choice words as well — ones that producers bleeped out of the broadcast.

When Johnny accused her of promoting a certain “narrative,” Victoria addressed the questions surrounding her rumored relationship with Greg Grippo — which, BTW, isn’t just a rumor anymore. According to Victoria, any cheating rumors are 100% false; she said she and Greg didn’t get together until she and Johnny were over.

But Johnny didn’t buy it. “I still consider talking to someone else while we’re working through our issues cheating or emotional cheating,” he told her. The crowd cheered him on, so it seems like they’re on Team Johnny.

Although this BIP couple might have ended things, it seems like the drama is far from over.