In an interview with Drew Barrymore, Aubrey Plaza revealed she said Barrymore was her "dream mom."

Aubrey Plaza Wishes Drew Barrymore Was Her Mom

This video is everything.

Amy Sussman/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Aubrey Plaza is a national treasure. Seriously, the White Lotus actor is in a rare circle of celebrities who can naturally deliver awkward comedy in a deadpan tone and not make it, well, awkward. Plaza recently flaunted her signature style in a recent interview with another comedy great: Drew Barrymore. Their conversation took an unexpected turn after Plaza revealed that Barrymore was her “dream mom.”

On Dec. 15, Plaza appeared on Barrymore’s Drew’s News podcast, which is in association with her daytime talk show. Plaza spoke about her stand-out role as Harper Spiller in the HBO series, The White Lotus. Around the 13-minute mark of the video, Plaza revealed she is producing a children’s comedy and shared how challenging it has been to write jokes for kids.

After Drew offered to help her write jokes, Plaza realized Barrymore is the perfect mom. “You’re a dream mom. I wish you were my mom,” Plaza told Barrymore, softening her voice to that of a baby. “Be my mommy. Feed me! Put me to bed.”

Barrymore went along with Plaza’s response, lightheartedly confirming she’d be down to be her mom and noted how she connects with her children. The actor shares two daughters, Olive and Frankie, with her ex-husband, Will Kopelman.

“I will. I’m good at it too. I always, like, hold, and they get in the nook of my arm...and I hold them and I pet them,” Barrymore said.

The conversation then unraveled into a perfectly chaotic back-and-forth. Honestly, it’s like watching the “Mommy? Sorry, mommy?” meme come alive.


At one point, Plaza asked Barrymore to “nurture” and “nourish” her to which Barrymore said, “Oh God, what I wouldn’t do to put you to bed.”

Well, OK then.