Women Reveal Why Married The Guy They Settled For


There are many answers to the age-old question that seems to haunt anybody in love, about to tie the knot or married for years: “How did you know they were the one?”

While this might be an easy question for some to spit out an answer to, for others, there may not be anything magical or thought-provoking behind their reasoning.

In fact, it may have even been a matter of marrying a person who was there at the right time, and not so much because they were the right person.

Here, seven women admit why they got married to a guy they settled for:

1. Nobody is perfect.

— Shawna P., 35

2. My parents loved him.

— Raquel S., 25

3. I wanted to get the show on the road.

— Dara G., 39

4. He made the cut.

— Ashley S., 26

5. I'm getting old.

— Ruth D., 38

6. My friends egged me on.

— Bethanny G., 26

7. I don't think the grass is greener.

— Marissa P., 37