Women Share Crazy Thoughts They Had Walking Down The Aisle


You can control a lot of things about your wedding day — the color of your flowers, the dress you decide to wear and, of course, the person you're going to marry.

But one thing that's completely out of your hands is the crazy thoughts you'll think when you start walking down the aisle.

Usually, that's the moment you're probably hoping you don't trip and fall or suddenly get a raging case of cold feet and become a runaway bride.

But it's also a huge, pressure-filled moment. Being engaged can feel like a fairy tale of fun, but actually going through with a marriage can bring out a lot of truths — for better or for worse.

Read on below for some funny, scary and even strange thoughts that went through real brides' heads right before they said, "I do":

1. What the hell am I doing?

— Tami W., 28

2. I think this feels right?

— Deena P., 26

3. Can everyone please stop looking at me?

— Erica R., 32

4. I need a Xanax.

— Wendy F., 35

5. I hope I look good in these photos.

— Ruby D., 29

6. I don't know about this.

— Jessica V., 27