6 Grooms-To-Be Share The Biggest Secret They're Keeping From Their Fiancées

Marriage is about sharing everything, even things you don't really want to share — your bed, your taxes and sometimes even your checking account.

So even though you're about to marry someone you think you know everything about, from their blood type to the exact dish they order at the local Indian restaurant, you truly have no idea what they could be hiding from you.

So before you get married, there are key questions you should ask each other to make sure you're both on the same page about the serious stuff (i.e. finances, kids, religion and, for those that care, politics).

But no matter how many questions you ask, there still might be some dark secrets your partner keeps under lock and key.

Just check out what these six grooms-to-be admit they're keeping from the person they're about to (hopefully) spend a lifetime with:

1. I'm in a ton of debt.

I never told my fiancée, but I'm in about $70,000 worth of debt. Some of it is credit card debt, and some is from student loans. My credit score is pretty low, too. We never talked about any of this. She asked how I looked financially. I said pretty decent, and we left it at that.

— Dan L., 27

2. I cheated during month one.

I never thought this was a big deal, but during the first month we were dating, I cheated on her with another girl I was also kind of seeing at the time. Since I didn't think it mattered much, I never said anything.

— Rick P., 32

3. I'm not 100 percent feeling it.

I'm at an age where I'm just looking to settle down. I want to have kids and all those adult-like things. Am I 100 percent feeling the person I'm marrying? No. She's great, but by no means do I think I'm crazy in love. The older you get, the more you realize being crazy in love is BS.

— Chuck S., 39

4. I asked a guy my wife hates to be a groomsman.

I have one friend who is a disaster. When he met my fiancée for the first time, he made her cry because he said a mean joke about her. She told me I wasn't allowed to invite him to our wedding. I secretly made him a groomsman.

— Jeremy S., 27

5. My parents don't love her.

My parents aren't a big fan of the girl I'm marrying. She thinks they love her, but they don't. They asked me a couple of times to back out and reconsider, but I love the girl.

— Tommy B., 29

6. I want to be a stay-at-home dad.

I have a really great job now, but I always wanted to be a stay-at-home dad. When my future wife and I have kids, I'm going to suggest that I'm the one who stays at home, and she's the one who works. Gender role reversal.

— Al R., 33