Brides Admit Secrets They're Keeping From Their Bridesmaids


The process of figuring out who will be in your power squad for your wedding, aka your bridal party, can be a giant headache.

It can feel like you're on "The Bachelorette," handing out a specific number of roses to a room full of people who are all qualified to take on the role of being one of your gal pals during the big day.

So while they may be there for you to handle the rough, tough and stressful moments during the pre-wedding adventure, there may be things you're keeping from your bridesmaids because you don't want them to see your true bridezilla colors or panic over your decisions.

Here are nine brides-to-be who are coming clean about the number one thing they are hiding form their bridesmaids:

1. She canceled the stripper.

— Kathy D., 29

2. She's making everyone wear hair extensions.

— Maya R., 27

3. They're walking down the aisle alone.

— Tiffany D., 24

4. She's going to put them to work.

— Pam G., 28

5. How truly thankful she is to have them.

— Sam S., 28

6. She might cancel the wedding altogether.

— Jenna P., 28

7. She doesn't want a bachelorette party.

– Alex D., 29

8. Things aren't going well with the groom.

— Brit P., 26

9. She chose ugly bridesmaids dresses on purpose.

— Michaela W., 31