How Brides Would Do Their Wedding Over Again


Some of us have a fairy tale-like idea of how we want our wedding to be.

We imagine the flowers tied up perfectly in cascading bouquets, the table cloths matching the color of the dinner napkins, the exact set list we want our band to play throughout the entire night.

We hope that we'll only get married once. We we want it to be the party of a lifetime, or even the party of our dreams.

But when the dance floor has been cleared of guests who flew in from all over the world, the gifts have been unpacked and the honeymoon has been taken, you may realize the wedding you always imagined you wanted caused you more stress, more money and more problems than you could have ever predicted.

It's hard to know what to have and what to skip when you're planning your wedding. That's why it's best to take advice from seasoned vets: brides who have already walked down the aisle and are now wise enough to tell you what they'd do differently if they planned a wedding ever again.

1. I'd invite no one.

— Cassie F., 27

2. I'd do it without the flowers.

— Wendy A., 28


3. I would not ask for gifts.

— Molly B., 28

4. I'd have a longer engagement.

— Pam D., 34

5. I would elope instead.

— Shelby T., 28

6. I'd do a band over a DJ.

— Rachel P., 30

7. I'd skip the bridesmaids.

— Dani R., 27