Couples Share The Secrets To Being Married For 50 Years


There's very little we can learn about true love through the celebrities we follow so closely on Instagram and through the plot lines of Hollywood movies.

Those movies usually end with the guy getting the girl, no matter how messed up or predictable their relationship is.

Once we start to realize these examples of "true love" aren't that realistic, we start to wonder where we can get real advice on marriage, relationships and untethering love.

Since there's no textbook to follow or psychic that can really predict whether or not we have what it takes to carry on our relationship until the end of time, the best people to chat with for advice are the ones who have been in love for more than half a century.

Check out the advice from these married couples who have been married for 50 years or more on the secret to staying in love:

1. Learning to let things go, no strings attached

— Marianne S., 76

2. Carving out meaningful time for each other

— Grace H., 73

3. Knowing the grass is not greener

— Sheldon Y., 69

4. Happy wife = happy life

— Martin Z., 78

5. Find a way to laugh every single day

— Deborah W., 71

6. Recognizing the difficulty of marriage

— Linda P., 68

7. There is no secret

— Joe P., 71