Brides-To-Be Share Why They're Marrying Trump Supporters


The election may be over and done with, but there are still some tiffs and feuds caused by the election floating around in relationships that won't be cured overnight.

So what happens if the love of your life, AKA the person you've already said a big ol' "yes" to, is still rallying behind the candidate you're constantly rolling your eyes at?

Just take note from these six brides-to-be who share why, and how, they are somehow A-OK with marrying a Trump supporter.

1. He knows he's wrong.

— Abby D., 27

2. Every relationship needs conflict in order to grow.

— Lizzy D., 24

3. She plans to change his mind.

— Elsie P., 29

4. Politics don't matter.

— Danika L., 27

5. He's the one who looks like a fool.

— Maggie B., 31

6. Their kids will laugh at him one day.

— Cheryl W., 29