Groomsmen Admit Why They Ruined Their Friend's Wedding


When you ask your top bros to stand by your side on your wedding day as your groomsmen, you hope they'll have your back no matter what.

Even if the open bar is calling their name or there's a hot bridesmaid they're trying to hit on, you expect them to ditch all of that for a little while (at least) and do what you need them to do until the party starts.

But it doesn't always work out that way, and your best dudes might mess up — sometimes on purpose.

Read the reasons why these six groomsmen sabotaged the groom's wedding (and try not to roll your eyes):

1. I had feelings for the bride.

— Mike J., 23 

2. I got too drunk.

— Sid P., 28

3. I was pissed at the groom.

— Rick W., 26

4. I thought it would be funny.

— Trevor O., 26

5. I was bored.

— David B., 26

6. It was my way of hazing.

— Leroy P., 29