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Girls Reveal The Worst Things On Dating Profiles That Make Them Swipe Left


Crafting a perfect dating profile is an art form not many have mastered.

Your photos, along with a well-written biography and a strategically set age range, are all things you have to consider when making your profile on any app.

As an avid swiper on multiple platforms, I've learned some tricks of the trade that may not have landed me love, but have at least gotten me into someone's pants.

I take what I can get.

Unfortunately, that's not the case for everyone. Some guys plaster obnoxious pictures (for instance, anything taken at the gym) on their profiles that brand them "asshole bros."

Others mistake sending Third Eye Blind lyrics to a match for a turn-on, while a few post so many group shots, any potential matches have to play a game of Where's Waldo? and nobody got time for that.

To help the gentlemen whose profiles could use some work, a few women sounded off on what they will immediately swipe left on:

Your photo selection is extremely lackluster.

— Ricki, 27

You and your mirror are too good of friends.

— Mariah, 27

Your professional head shots are too misleading.

— Alyssa, 25

You look like you're stuck in your college years.

— Gabriella, 25

You have a serious height deficiency.

— Maddie, 27

You're wearing sunglasses indoors.

— Ana, 24

Your name brings back bad memories.

— Christina, 24

You're unable to crack a smile.

— Janet, 24

Hopefully, this advice helps you land an abundance of matches in the near future. And yes, I take full credit for it.