Here Are All The Reasons I'll Never Date Someone Who Supports Donald Trump


If you had said to me a year ago Donald Trump was going to be the front-runner for the Republican party, I would have laughed in your face.

Donald Trump? A well-known, corrupt and sexist billionaire?

When he first gained traction and the public's attention in this race, everyone assumed he would surely fizzle out. His sexist, bigoted rhetoric would surely catch up to him eventually.

What's absolutely terrifying is not only did the complete opposite happen, but his rhetoric actually made him the presumptive nominee for one of America's major political parties.

What does this say about the US as a nation? The fact Trump's message resonates with people in this country is a scary thought. The fact millions of people agree with his comments make me question our collective integrity.

This is a man who insights violence and objectifies women, and who's somehow managed to overcome every corporate tax loophole to make himself richer.

He is truly a man who has no regard for how his words affect people, and he's absolutely unapologetic for their implications.

He's the kind of person who says if one of his supporters punches someone or gets violent that he will pay that supporter's legal bills.

Donald Trump would be absolutely catastrophic for the US and its ongoing problems; and his solutions for those problems are laughable: “Bomb the shit out of [ISIS],” go into a trade war with China, build a wall between the US and Mexico and prevent an entire religious group from coming into this country.

I've heard people defend Trump with the most ridiculous reasoning: "He says whatever he feels," and "He doesn't care about being politically correct.” But why the hell are those good qualities for a president to have? It makes my head spin.

Our president represents all of us. Our leader should be poised, diplomatic and well-spoken. He should be able and prepared to sit down with the other leaders of the world and calmly deal with anything that might affect the US, something that seems doubtful with Trump.

In addition, Donald Trump is the FURTHEST thing from honest. Trump University was a complete scam that's still being litigated, and you can't forget his supposedly straight-up rhetoric people constantly mention.

Trump says one thing and takes it back the next. Just because someone is a loudmouthed loose cannon does not make him or her honest.

As I sit here and write this, I think into depth about how absolutely ridiculous this is. Is this what our country has come down to, potentially electing a damn CLOWN into the highest office of the land?

As someone who studied political science, in my eyes, this is a very scary and potentially deadly situation.

What does this say about his supporters? As much as they appreciate his openness and as much as they dislike Hillary, in supporting this man, they are also supporting the ideas he conveys.

If you support Donald Trump, you are helping him and his supporters rewind everything this country accomplished in the civil rights movement and the women's rights movement.

If you are dating someone who supports Donald Trump, please run. Run because your SO supports the hateful things Donald Trump says. Run because your SO supports Donald Trump's views on women.

This is a man who has been captured on live TV telling a news reporter women who practice their right to choose should be “punished” and on live radio with Howard Stern spewing out the most ridiculous, sexist things about women.

But if your SO supports Trump and you support him too, you're just as bad as the person you're dating.

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