Donald Trump Rally In Virginia Reportedly Erupts In Protests And Violence

Getty Images

On Monday, disturbing images emerged on Twitter of a reporter allegedly being thrown to the ground by Secret Service at a Trump rally in Radford, Virginia.

This all occurred amid heated protestors, according to reports.

This is not the first time there's been violence at a Trump event, but that doesn't make it any less unsettling.

The reporter involved is said to be TIME magazine photographer Chris Morris, who claimed he was choked and slammed to the ground after he left a designated media area.

It's not entirely clear what prompted this encounter, but there were also reports of large groups of protestors at the rally chanting, "No more hate."

A number of protestors were also reportedly removed, and Trump allegedly referred to them as "the enemy," ABC 7 News-WJLA reports.

This all occurred on the eve of Super Tuesday, a crucial day in the primary season.