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These Are All The Things Safer Than A Trump Rally, According To Twitter

Donald Trump's rallies are becoming increasingly associated with violence. Trump's hateful rhetoric attracts protestors, and Trump supporters are quick to aggressively turn on them.

Physical fights have broken out, and protestors have been kicked, punched, shoved and so on.

So, Twitter turned the horrific state of American politics into dark humor, listing all the things #SaferThanATrumpRally.

Some people said straight-up death traps are safer than a Trump rally.

Wiz Khalifa should be feeling pretty safe right now.

It's safer to be in a deadly fictional universe than at a Trump rally.

I would not suggest you test out these #SaferThanATrumpRally cuisines.

Trump's apparent ally's rallies are safer...

...as is his opponent's computer.

Honestly, it's questionable if this is safer than a Trump rally.

Here's how the presidential race looks right now.

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