Why did Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker elope?

Here’s Why Kourtney And Travis Eloped, According To An Astrologer

Aries season strikes again, says astrologer Aliza Kelly.

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Kravis had a weekend, and that’s putting things mildly. Following the blink-182 drummer’s Grammy Awards performance on April 3 in Las Vegas, the couple headed to a wedding chapel to get married by an Elvis Presley impersonator. So why did Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker elope? The stars may have something to do with it.

According to astrologer Aliza Kelly, host of the weekly podcast Stars Like Us and the live Spotify show Astrology Dating, Aries season (March 21 - April 19) probably played a role in the duo’s impulsive decision. “Beginning with the spring equinox, Aries is the first sign of a new astrological year. In the Northern Hemisphere, it heralds the return of flora and fauna as life begins to thaw after the longer winter,” Kelly tells Elite Daily.

Aries season is all about taking action, making moves, and embracing fearless optimism.

“Likewise, the energy around Aries is associated with renewal, vitality, and forward motion — Aries season is all about taking action, making moves, and embracing fearless optimism,” she adds. In other words, Aries season encapsulates a Las Vegas elopement to a T. Considering Kardashian and Barker both have Aries in their big three (Kardashian is an Aries sun and Barker is an Aries moon), it only makes sense that this season would have a strong impact on them.

A Private Elopement Appeals To Their Ascendent Signs

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It may seem surprising that a reality star would opt for a secretive, spontaneous wedding (especially considering the Kardashians’ history), but per Kelly, this type of ceremony actually fits the couple astrologically. “Kourtney and Travis both have water ascendants (Kourtney is Pisces rising and Travis is Cancer rising). Broadly speaking, water signs (associated with emotions and deep spiritual intimacy) skew more private than the other elements,” she explains.

Of course, there were still some wedding pictures — a tiger doesn’t change its stripes and all that — but an elopement is definitely more private than the Kardashians’ norm.

A Quick Ceremony Is Big Aries Energy

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Although there is still plenty we don’t know about the ceremony, Marty Frierson, owner of One Love Wedding Chapel (the couple’s wedding venue), did give some details. And according to him, the wedding was a speedy one. “It takes 30-40 minutes to complete. She got married, danced, threw the bouquet, and then went off,” he said.

Per Kelly, this timeline makes total sense. “One of Aries signature qualities is speed — this sign likes to move fast, and between Kourtney's Aries sun and Travis' Aries moon, I can imagine that a short-and-sweet, kitschy elopement in Las Vegas seemed like a true dream wedding.”

Eloping Demonstrates Their Astrological Compatibility

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According to Kelly, astrologically speaking, “the compatibility between Kourtney and Travis is one-part healing, one-part fun.” In that sense, a spur-of-the-moment elopement really “captures the essence of their connection.”

The fun half is obvious: Vegas, Elvis, and a 2 a.m. ceremony. But the healing aspect of Kravis’ romance is just as important. Kelly continues, “I could imagine it was very liberating not to have the pressure of planning an elaborate wedding.” (OK, so Kris Jenner may be taking on the brunt of that stress, but I digress.)

In general, finding a sense of independent freedom together has definitely been a trend in Kravis’ relationship so far — lest we forget Kardashian helping Barker overcome his (completely justifiable) fear of flying. It only makes sense that same pattern would show up in their wedding.

Saturn Hints At A Permanent Commitment


A closer look at Kardashian and Barker’s zodiac charts offers a happy prediction for the newlyweds. (Side note: Can we still call them that if they didn’t get a marriage license?) “Kourtney and Travis both have strong Mars energy in their charts. In traditional astrology, Mars was the co-ruler of both Aries and Scorpio, Kourtney's sun sign and Travis' sun sign, respectively,” Kelly explains. “Because we're currently in Aries season, Mars is front-and-center and interestingly just formed a powerful connection with Saturn, the planet associated with commitment.”

And that’s a really, really good sign. “We like to see a prominent Saturn in wedding charts because it suggests permanence,” Kelly adds.

There you have it: This elopement was truly written in the stars.


Aliza Kelly, astrologer, host of the podcast Stars Like Us and the Spotify show Astrology Dating