11 Things You Lose When You Stay In A Relationship With Someone Who's Bad For You

by Jamie LeeLo

Being in a bad relationship with a partner who is bad for you doesn't make you a bad person. However, it DOES mean you're sacrificing a whole lot of other good things

Any kind of relationship requires some sort of commitment and compromise, so you might as well make sure it's worth it, right?

By hanging in there with the wrong person, you are effectively giving up some pretty amazing things you probably don't even remember about being single or being in a positive, more fulfilling relationship.

And sure, we've all been there, but it's never too late to right the course!

Here are the top 11 things you sacrifice by staying in a relationship with someone who is bad for you:

1. Your time

This one is the biggest one.

Literally wasting your precious hours with someone who's bad for you, when you COULD have spent that time meeting someone amazing, is the biggest sacrifice we all make in any unhealthy relationship.

2. Your money

From date nights to joint expenses to straight up paying for a partner's bad habits (like an Uber addiction, constantly ordering takeout or drugs and booze), these are all ways you are literally investing in the wrong person.

3. Your own bed

Bed space is PRECIOUS. Sharing something as intimate and vulnerable as your bed with a person who doesn't deserve it is a tragedy, and you are doing yourself AND your sleep a massive disservice.

4. Your own space

This goes for any space you share with this person, be it an entire apartment or cup holder in your car. Taking ownership over the space around you will bring you a wealth of calm and fulfillment by giving you control of your surroundings again.

5. Holidays with your family

Or any other vacations, weekend trips or special occasions.

When you're in a serious relationship, especially with the wrong person, you may find you are missing out on some events that are otherwise important to you, in an effort to cater to someone else's wants and needs.

6. Weekends with your friends

UGH, wouldn't it just be amazing to hang out with people who treat you right? Wasting your free time on a person who is bad for you is sucking up limited, valuable moments you could spend feeling joy with people who fill you with happiness.

7. Your morals

Look, if you KNOW this person is wrong for you, you're actively sacrificing your morals in choosing to stay with them.

Deep down, you know what's right and wrong and what you want from a partner. So if this isn't it, and you're sticking with it, you're ignoring those big signs.

8. The opportunity to meet the real love of your life

OH, YEAH! What about finding the RIGHT person? They're out there waiting for you to get your shit together, while you're sticking around with someone bad for you! Go find them!

9. Meaningful sex

Please don't confuse GOOD sex for MEANINGFUL sex. Good sex feels good and ends in an orgasm. Meaningful sex feels good and ends with an orgasm AND a sense of comfort, peace, fulfillment, trust and understanding from your sexual partner.

If you're consistently sleeping with someone who is bad for you on an emotional, spiritual or personal level, just imagine how good the sex could be if they were also the right person for you!

10. Peace of mind

We've already established you know you're doing something wrong by being with someone who's bad for you, and in lingering with this person, you are likely causing some sort of anxiety or tension within yourself, no matter how forcefully you choose to ignore it.

Break up with the person, and watch the stress float off of you.

11. Your touch on reality

The longer we stay in a ANY bad situation, the more normal it feels. By dwelling in a shitty relationship with a shitty partner, you will likely lose touch on what "healthy" and "happy" really looks and feels like when it comes to your love life.

Hanging around with someone who is not good for you will start leaking toxicity into your life in all the ways above and probably more.

The quicker you can extract yourself from this negative situation, the quicker you can re-learn how good a relationship can really be. Plus, you'll flourish WITH your love life, not shrink yourself for it or succumb to the control it has over you.

Shine bright like a diamond, a ruby, an emerald or whatever your shiny object of choice may be!