8 Things Single Women Wish People Would Stop Assuming About Their Love Lives

Jayme Burrows

Being single can be an awkward time full of Amy-Winehouse-on-repeat Friday nights, Netflix binging and getting ghosted a few times over the "Is it me?" level.

But it can also be a really fun time filled with lots of right and left swiping, table dancing and plenty of "me-time."

Sometimes, the worst part about being the single friend is less about douchebags you inevitably run into on the dating scene, and more about how the people in your life react to your relationship status.

Here are the assumptions your single friends want you to stop making about their love lives -- and about single people in general.

1. They can't get a man.


The "that's why you can't get a man" comebacks are pretty tired since getting a guy is actually easy AF.

Sure, everyone can come down with a serious case of "dry phone," but that doesn't mean men are not accessible. Some women prefer quality over quantity, so they don't kiss every frog for the sad sake of just having a man.

2. They want to get married.


Can we stop asking single women when they plan on getting married, or try to tell them what to do to get a husband? The "when" part assumes they desire marriage in the first place.

It might be hard to believe, but not all women have marriage on their to-do list.

3. They cannot give relationship advice.


This assumption is possibly the worst one on this list because it lacks so much common sense.

Being single does not mean you lack the critical thinking skills that enable you to listen to a situation and offer sound advice. Also, being single does not mean you've never been in a relationship and cannot speak on what it's like.

And then there's another glazed over part that everyone seems to skip out on: PEOPLE IN RELATIONSHIPS CAN GIVE SHITTY ADVICE, TOO!

So, there's that.

4. They're all lonely and bitter.


Life has these cool little social circle thingies. You know... friends, family, co-workers, book clubs, etc.

It's just impossible that all of your single friends are lonely and unhappy all of the time.

5. As soon as you get in a relationship, you can't be friends with them anymore.


Thinking about whether or not to drop your single friend actually makes YOU the terrible friend.

It's one thing to not invite a single friend to play the third wheel on your date, or to have her skip out on a couples' vacation, but completely distancing yourself from a single friend when you get a boyfriend is pretty heartless.

6. They need to be hooked up.


If your single friend does not ask you, then avoid assuming she wants you to set her up with someone.

You may not be the best person to do it, and you REALLY don't want to ruin her Friday night with the date from hell because of your dead wrong idea about what her type is.

You'll just owe her that cab fare home and a huge apology.

7. They want to talk to you about why they're single.


For starters, it isn't your business. Also, not every single person cares to talk about being single all the time.

They're busy going on dates, hanging out, working out and kicking ass at their jobs. You know, doing normal things like normal people do.

8. They're jealous of you and want to steal your guy.


It's often the women with terrible taste in men who think everyone wants to steal their boyfriend. Not every woman shares your taste in men. Looks-wise, or otherwise.

In short? The only thing single people really need is for you to be a great friend.