Women Reveal The Shocking Reason They Said No When Their Boyfriend Proposed

You can daydream as much as you want about your proposal being one of the greatest moments of your life, but you truly can't predict how you'll feel when the moment comes around.

For some, a more intimate proposal is what they always wished would happen, but their partner planned something in front of hundreds of strangers instead, leaving the other person feeling shocked, scared and eager to run away from the crowd.

For others, they didn't realize their true feelings for the person until the very moment the question was asked, and they realized saying yes would be the biggest mistake ever.

Check out why these four women said no when their guy thought they'd say yes to his marriage proposal:

1. I woke up.

My ex-boyfriend proposed to me after we had been dating for a year and just moved in together. He thought it was a done deal and that I would say yes. But there was something about him getting down on one knee and saying, 'Will you marry me?' that made me wake up. Before I could answer, I thought to myself, 'What are you doing? You do not want to marry this person.' I said no right then and there. He was so shocked, and he thought I was joking around. It sucked because we had just moved in together. But I went home that night and packed as much as I could in my suitcase and flew down to Florida for a week. I figured out a new place to live and never saw him again.

— Jane B., 32

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2. I panicked.

It was so embarrassing. My husband proposed to me in front of a giant crowd, and I'm super shy person. He proposed to me at the movie theatre where we had our first date. He got up in front of the entire movie theatre and proposed. I was so nervous, I sunk down in my seat and didn't answer him. When everyone started cheering, I ran out. Then, we met outside, and I said I was sorry. I just panicked because I was so nervous and didn't like the attention. Obviously, I said yes later on. We've been married three years.

— Kerry W., 34

3. I was so nervous.

My husband took me out to a nice dinner and proposed when dessert came. It was a quick and painless proposal, but I still felt like I was put on the spot. When he asked, I said no. Then, yes. Then, no. Then, yes. I remember being so nervous. He felt my head to see if I had a fever, but I didn't. We laughed it off and didn't talk about it. When we got home, I looked him in the eye and apologized for my literal brain freeze. Then, I got down on one knee and proposed to HIM! He said yes.

— Erica P., 26

4. I wanted to embarrass him.

I wanted to embarrass my now husband and my then boyfriend by saying NO when he proposed to me. I thought it would be a funny prank! He thought I would totally say yes because I nagged him about proposing for, like, ever. So then, he finally did. And with a straight face, I said, 'NO!' and walked away. He thought I was serious and was screaming for me to come back. After, like, three minutes, I came back laughing and said, 'Just kidding!' He didn't think it was funny at all and didn't speak to me for the rest of the night. Finally, we sorted it all out, but he's still pissed about it even after two years of marriage.

— Leslie F., 31