Women Reveal Why They Said No When Their Guy Proposed


You can daydream as much as you want about your proposal being one of the greatest moments of your life, but you truly can't predict how you'll feel when the moment comes around.

For some, a more intimate proposal is what they always wished would happen, but their partner planned something in front of hundreds of strangers instead, leaving the other person feeling shocked, scared and eager to run away from the crowd.

For others, they didn't realize their true feelings for the person until the very moment the question was asked, and they realized saying yes would be the biggest mistake ever.

Check out why these four women said no when their guy thought they'd say yes to his marriage proposal:

1. I woke up.

— Jane B., 32

Elite Daily

2. I panicked.

— Kerry W., 34

3. I was so nervous.

— Erica P., 26

4. I wanted to embarrass him.

— Leslie F., 31