5 Things Your Partner Does To Show You They're Ready For Forever

by Cosmo Luce
Jennifer Brister

When your partner is ready to be together, they'll show they are confident in your relationship beyond any reasonable doubt. Whether through exhibiting signs your partner is ready for marriage or talking about the future openly with you, you have both addressed what it might be like to stay together forever. And you both have been excited — and maybe even a little afraid — of the possibilities.

Even though neither of you own a crystal ball, you have a strong sense that the two of you can make it. You have tested each other out over a significant enough length of time to know what makes one another tick. You have confidence in your partner's affections for you and never worry about what they are really thinking, because you either know it already or you talk about it.

When your partner is ready to be with you forever, they will show you these following signs — but you will be so sure in their feelings, you probably won't even need to decipher them. You'll already know, intuitively, that your partner plans to always be there:

1. When They Talk About The Future, You Are A Part Of It

Early on in dating, there's always a strong amount of ambiguity when talking about years to come. You might each vocalize the things you, as individuals, want to accomplish (“I want to build a house in the woods” or “I want to live in Los Angeles”), without there being a strong sense of a "we."

When your partner is ready for forever, they show that you are part of their future plans. The statements no longer solely revolve around what any individual wants, but what both of you might want together or whether you would be willing to fit into their plans. Instead of stating that they want to move to Los Angeles, for example, they will be asking you what you think about living in L.A.

When you and your partner are truly ready to spend the rest of your lives together, then there isn't any ambiguity about whether that is what both of you want. You will already be moving forward naturally, with confidence that while you can never truly know what the future holds, you will both be finding out together.

2. They Show Up In An Emergency

If your partner is ready for forever, then you better believe you are their number one emergency contact. This means they not only trust you enough to know you will always come through for them, but they also want you to be the first person to know when something goes wrong. It also shows they trust you have your sh*t together enough to be able to actually show up when needed.

Even after being in one relationship for years, I still left my mom as my first emergency contact on all forms. She was just way more reliable than my boyfriend. More than once in our relationship, I had to actually drive myself to the hospital — and believe me, it was a dangerous feat to pull off. If my boyfriend couldn't get me the treatment I needed when it wasn't an emergency, why would I rely on him if there was one?

When you and your partner are going to be together forever, you become each other's chosen family. They are not only the person who makes sense for when the worst happens, but the one whom you most want to be there.

3. They Don't Question Their Feelings For You

If your partner is ready for forever with you, then there's no doubt in your mind that they love you and are committed to you. You understand the ways in which they exhibit affection, and they shower you with it regularly. Both of you are also open and honest with one another. There are no secrets in your relationship.

Your confidence in your relationship comes from the way in which you and your partner have evolved together. When you are ready for forever, then it's because you and your partner have a deep relationship. You go out and have fun times, but more importantly, you have also been through challenges together and withstood them.

You know your partner inside and out: who they were during their childhood, what they hope for in the future. You can predict with reasonable certainty how they will react to different events in your present. They show you that for every question you ask, you will receive an honest answer. When your partner is ready for marriage, they will also know these things about you. They will understand you and your needs just as well as your best friend does.

4. They Show You That They Can Live With You

If you and your partner are going to be together forever, then you already know what it's like to be in close proximity with one another. If you aren't already living together, they have stated that they would like to move in. You have shared a bathroom, a bedroom, and a kitchen. You can live with how they occupy a space, and they can live with yours.

Because you have lived in close proximity to one another, they have shown that you can have balance in your routines. Maybe they need time with just their friends, or maybe you need an hour every day to go for a walk by yourself. They have showed that they can give this space to you, and your relationship with one another has improved because of it.

Being together forever means a lot of time in one another's close presence. When you and your partner are ready to make this step, then it's because you already know your relationship will survive it.

5. They Want A Marriage, Not A Wedding

Whether or not a wedding is in the cards for you doesn't much matter when you and your partner are ready to be together forever. What you are aiming for is a union — whether in the traditional sense or a more unorthodox partnership.

When your partner is ready forever, they are not binding themselves to you because they want to be celebrated or because they think it will give them special treatment. They are especially not marrying you out of fear of losing you or a sense of possessiveness. It's because you actually want to be with them, and them with you.

When your partner is actually ready for forever, then it doesn't actually matter whether or not you do get married. I mean, marriage might be important for one or both of you — and that's totally fine. But you both know that forever is going to come whether or not you have a ceremony. And you are confident, beyond a reasonable doubt, that you will meet it side by side.

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