Does He See A Future With Me? Only If He Says These 8 Things

You're in a happy, loving relationship with someone. You're having an absolutely great time in the moment. But you might also be wondering, "Do they see a future with me?"

The stage between "just dating" and "happily committed" in a relationship is really fun and exciting. But for those who really want to get into something more serious, it can also be nerve-wracking. Are there any clues your partner might be into a future with you? Thankfully, there are.

Here are a few specific things people who want a future with their partner will say that will make it clear how they feel.

1. "Let's Plan For That"

It makes sense that in a relationship where there is a real future, you and your partner will talk about actual plans... for the future.

A partner who wants to grow with you and spend a life with you won't hesitate to make any and all kinds of plans for things to come. Whether it's that the two of you don't have time for something now or whether it's just that there's something big you'd like to plan down the road, a partner who loves you and wants a lifetime with you will be happy to start to plan for it.

If they want to set up future plans, they're a keeper.

2. "I Miss You"

All couples sometimes miss each other of course, but the difference is that in a relationship with a true future, your partner will miss you all the time. And they will make sure you know it!

My husband sends me texts about missing me whether he's gone at work the entire day or whether he's at the grocery store for five minutes. And he did this way before we got married, too. He made sure I knew he liked being with me more than he liked being without me.

Telling someone you miss them is a sign of emotional vulnerability, so in a relationship where your partner wants a future with you, they'll be happy to open up in this way.

3. "I Am Sorry"

Most of us are prideful creatures, and we aren't great at apologizing (whether or not we're wrong).

That's why when your significant other does take the time to apologize to you, sincerely, it probably means they are looking forward to building something special and real with you.

I was that jerk who never knew how to apologize in relationships before my husband. Not only did I have a giant ego, I also just didn't ever care about someone enough to make the effort to say sorry.

Now, though, I do it all the time. A partner who loves you and plans to keep loving you for a long time won't be childish in their apologies and will, instead, give them freely and openly.

4. "Let's Compromise"

Compromise is the heart of many successful relationships. When someone wants to grow in their love with you, they'll happily compromise and understand that they're part of a team now.

After I got married, I wasn't quite sure how the adjustment would be going from "I" to "we." Both my husband and I are pretty solitary creatures, and we like to get our way. That said, it worked out perfectly, and we fell naturally into acting like true teammates.

If your partner is down to compromise, hang on to them!

5. "We Can Do It Together"

Scared of that big presentation at work or nervous to have that serious discussion with a long-time friend? A partner who wants to love you for the long haul will offer to help and see if the two of you can do it together.

One of the best things about being married, in my opinion, is not taking on all of life's challenges myself. It's nice to have a husband who is willing to be my supportive partner at every turn.

If someone offers to help shoulder some of your burden, whether it's emotional, physical, spiritual, or mental, this means they truly love you and are in it for good.

6. "Thank You"

The best partners thank each other for the little things they do every day.

My husband and I are guilty of thanking each other for taking out our puppy, cleaning the kitty litter, cooking, and doing other day-to-day activities. Our philosophy is that it keeps our relationship fresh and loving, and it removes expectation, which is a huge source of disappointment.

By hearing thanks on a regular basis, you'll continue to feel like your partner really values and appreciates you. So if you're with someone who thanks you very frequently, this is a good sign they're looking to build a future with you.

7. "I Was Wrong"

Apologizing isn't easy. But saying "I was wrong" is even harder.

Most of us get so stuck in our own heads that we can't ever imagine we'd actually be wrong about things. It takes a strong person to actually say the words, let alone do the soul-searching to come to the conclusion that it is, indeed, possible to be totally wrong.

When my husband first started saying this, I was really surprised, because I had never been in a relationship where that was said frequently before. But now, I realize it's a true sign of how much he cares for me and our relationship.

8. "I Love You"

When a partner wants a future with you, it's usually because they've fallen for you. And you'll know it.

"I love you" is the most significant thing that can be said (or acted upon) in a relationship. A partner who has no problem saying "I love you" will also have no problem starting to build a life together and making sure the two of you are a real team.

If you and your partner love each other and tell each other so every chance you get, you're definitely in store for a beautiful future together.

No two couples are the same, but happy, successful, long-term couples often share a lot of traits. If you've caught your partner saying the things on this list pretty frequently, you can rest assured the two of you will be building a life together before you know it.

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