Why You Shouldn't Feel Guilty About Liking Your Friends More Than Your Family

Guille Faingold

There really are no people like your friends, am I right?

They make you laugh when you are sad, help you through tough decisions and most importantly, bring you food and wine to help you forget why you were sad or confused in the first place. What beauties.

But for some people, friends can be even more than just a good, reliable support system away from home.

For people like myself, your friends are your family.

Here are eight reasons why my friends are my most treasured family members:

1. They don't love you in spite of your mistakes, but because of them.

How often would your parents soothe all the regret and embarrassment you brought home with you after one too many cocktails?

That's true love right there.

2. There is absolutely zero judgement here.

There is nothing you can do to surprise them, and even if you give it a good old try, they still won't bat an eyelash.

You couldn't even shock them if you ate an entire loaf of bread for dinner (because, you know, carbs).

3. They're the chosen ones. You're not just stuck with them.

They say you can't choose your family, but that's exactly what your friends are for.

They are your chosen family. And if we hand-pick them, they must be pretty great.

That annoying younger cousin your mom makes you take everywhere in the summer, however? You definitely didn't choose that.

4. They know more about you than you'd let your family know.

When it comes to talking to our families, it's only natural we have a filter. But with your friends, no filter is necessary.

You can spill all your dirty secrets and go as in depth as you like without any side-way glances or snide comments.

That definitely beats telling your Aunt Hilda about the new boy your seeing.

5. You may fight, but you know that when you make up, it isn't because you're obligated to do so.

It can be hard when you share different views with your family, especially when you're both so passionate about them.

So when you get into a heated debate at the dinner table about serious topics that are close to your heart, and your parents give you the stink eye, you can feel pressured into forgiving them.

“But you're family,” they'll say as you try to explain how offensive their comments were.

And soon, you'll be smiling through your teeth and making up just for the "sake of the family."

Meanwhile, you'll be silently counting down the hours until you get back to your friends who actually understand you.

6. Would your actual family members make endless bad decisions with you and laugh along the way?

I don't think so.

Families are supposed to spend time together, share interests and support each other in all the decisions they make (good or bad).

This could mean anything from a career move, a breakup or even bailing you out of a tricky situation.

But when your friends are your family, you genuinely share interests rather than pretending to in order to be polite, and you support each other by riding out any storm together (even if it's a bit of a bumpy one, which are honestly the best ones are).

7. You can spend days and days with them and not get annoyed.

One of the best ways to know if you are truly friends with someone is the test of time.

However, I don't just mean how long you've been friends for. I mean how long you can actually live in close proximity with a person and not become frustrated.

This is why living with someone can either make or break any friendship.

But when you find the ones you can spend days upon days with or even live with, you have found a keeper.

Two minutes with your brother, however, and you're already thinking about ways to torture him.

8. Even better, you can sit in completely comfortable silence with them.

The best thing about your close family is, you rarely feel uncomfortable with them, even if you're in complete silence.

So if you can sit, say and do nothing with a friend, then they've already beaten the sibling who will constantly try to ruin whatever little joy you have.

They've also beaten the aunt who makes every little thing uncomfortable. Hi again, Aunt Hilda.

So, if you find yourself struggling with the family members you're stuck with this holiday season, just remember it's only a few days until you get back to your favorite ones.