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If he wants you to be his girlfriend, then he'll make it known.

If Your Boo Wants To Make Things Official, You’ll Notice These 6 Signs

You’ll know it’s real when they delete their dating apps.

by Alison Segel and Corinne Sullivan
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Is there anything more frustrating than the “what are we?” phase of dating? While the beginning of a new relationship often feels fun, exciting, and full of possibility, there’s always the possibility that your maybe-relationship never becomes official, which is a major bummer. Luckily, there are usually signs he wants to make you his girlfriend (or signs she wants to make you her girlfriend), and if you watch out for those subtle indicators, then you can save yourself from heartache down the road.

Above all, someone who wants to make things official with you will make it clear you’re a priority in their life. As dating coach and expert James Preece previously told Elite Daily, "If they choose to see you rather than spend time with their friends, you know things are going well. And if they’re willing to adjust their schedule to fit in time with you, then that's even better. That means they love being with you and feel most comfortable when you are together." There’s no better sign you’re heading into girlfriend territory than that.

As well as prioritizing you in their life, here are a few other key ways in which your crush will make their intentions with you known.

They Ask Lots Of Questions

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When your crush starts asking you personal questions (and lots of them), then chances are they’re interested in doing more than just hooking up. As matchmaker and dating coach Julia Bekker of The Hunting Maven tells Elite Daily, if someone is planning on making you their boo, then “they ask question about you, your life, upbringing, how you think and feel because they really want to get to know you.” And though they may just ask questions to be polite, it’s a very telling sign if your crush remembers those conversations and refers back to them later. That means they’re trying to build a relationship with you, not just keep things on the surface.

They Delete Their Dating Apps

According to Bekker, when someone “deletes all of their dating apps, on their own accord,” then you can feel pretty confident they’re getting serious about you. That’s their way of indicating they no longer feel the need to swipe because they’re already found a match. If you’re not sure whether this is the case, then don’t be afraid to ask. As dating coach and expert Meredith Golden previously told Elite Daily, you "can say something along the lines of, 'So, no more swiping for us?' And this can solidify that both are no longer swiping. But the swiping should have stopped long before the exclusive conversation, as long as the relationship is a good one."

They Call You On The Phone

Is it a good sign if a guy calls you? It is indeed. As Bekker says, when your crush “starts to transition from texts to actual phone calls” — whether it’s to solidify plans, ask what you want for dinner, or just shoot the breeze — then it’s definitely a sign they might be ready to DTR. True intimacy is established in person and over the phone, after all. If someone wants to connect with you on an emotionally vulnerable level, they’re going to be talking to you on the phone about real-life stuff — not just shooting off a "what's up?" text.

They Make Romantic Gestures

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A person who wants to date you will make an effort to impress you, because apparently, courtship is not dead. According to Bekker, your crush might “get you flowers or something else that's thoughtful,” but someone who’s committed might show that in a subtler way. As Preece previously explained, “They’ll know your favorite foods, places, and things, then go out of this way to make sure you get them. They do this because they want you to feel happy and secure. It might not be grand gestures, but they’ll surprise you by dropping in little reminders every now and again."

They Introduce You To Their Inner Circle

If someone is planning on fully integrating you into their life and making you their partner, then they won't keep you a secret. They’ll want to envision what your worlds will look like when they merge together, and that means meeting each other's friends. "Their friends will know about you, and they will want to meet your friends as well,” Bekker explains. If you're taking this step and starting to integrate your lives together, then it's a good sign.

They Refer To You Two As A "We"

Perhaps the biggest sign someone is looking to get boo’d up? They subconsciously already consider the two of you a package deal. According to Preece, someone might start referring to you as a “we” before you even become official, and you can usually catch this happening when they're talking to those who matter to them. "Pay attention when you hear them talking to family and friends,” he previously said. “Are they referring to you as a couple? Maybe they’ll say something like, 'We'd love to come,' without even considering an invite might just be for them."

Do these signs sound familiar? Then chances are — if you’re on the same page — it won’t be much longer before you two are officially an item.


James Preece, dating coach and expert

Julia Bekker, matchmaker and dating coach for The Hunting Maven

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