Why You Should Sleep With Guys You Would Never Actually Date

by Jamie LeeLo
michela ravasio

You guys, there is SO MUCH crazy sex stuff out there.

Like, imagine anything — ninjas on the moon, candy-filled water balloons, mimes who roller skate — and someone somewhere likes to have sex that involves those things.

Isn't that insane?

You would be doing yourself a damn disservice if you didn't seek out some "strange" while you have the opportunity. And bonus, you get to do it no strings attached!

Do you just want to go your whole life without ever knowing what candy-filled water balloon sex looks like? I didn't think so.

Here is why everyone should sleep with guys they would never date:

For experimenting

I can't stress enough how important sexual experimentation is in your formative sexual years. By sleeping with men of all walks of life, you have the chance to jump in and out of fads, fetishes and trends without lasting consequences or without being held to any kind of expectations.

When you sleep with one person long term, naturally, habits or reflexive behaviors will form, making any time you stray from the usual "boom-boom, wink-wink" a "whole thing."

Sleeping with a guy who is into something weird and interesting, even if you decide it isn't for you, is an awesome way to learn about everything out there, and it helps you form your own sexual preferences.

For the freedom

Here's the thing about being monogamous with one guy: You only sleep with that one guy. 

Though I'm not there yet, I can imagine being an older lady one day, who drinks a martini for breakfast and looks back on her life, wishing she slept with a man who didn't speak my language and wore a cowboy hat.

That's a story worth telling your grandkids.

Am I going to marry a person who doesn't speak the same language as me? Probably not. But there's only one language you need to speak in the bedroom, and that's BODY LANGUAGE, BABY. THANK YOUUU.

To work out anything awkward about yourself

Let's face it. Sex is a weird thing. Penises are weird to look at. Vaginas are actually the most confusing thing on the planet.

No one knows WHY something as awesome as sex has to take place with the most bizarre parts of our bodies, but here we all are.

By having a variety of sexual partners, who are into different things (sexually and on a personality/life purpose level), you get the opportunity to test anything you want in the bedroom, without any lasting embarrassment or backlash.

For example, have you always wanted to try out a German accent? Might as well give it a spin with the guy you know you'll never settle down with and who can't hold sounding like an idiot over your head for the rest of your life.

To experience more and gain more wisdom

This goes for sex and beyond. The more you experience, the more you know. The more you know, the smarter you are. The smarter you are, the better you are at life. The better you are at life, the better you are at sex... probably.

The equation got away from me there, but you get the picture.

Because sex is such an inherently intimate act, by engaging with multiple partners, you'll be surprised to find out how much you learn about the human experience in general.

I know. Heavy stuff.

Because sex is fun

Having sex is, like, the best.

Lots of people might say that sex is like pizza, with the punch line being "there's no bad pizza."

But what they fail to consider is actually how many different kinds of pizza are out there.

What I'm getting at is, having sex with weirdos is awesome. You get to taste test a bunch of combinations you'd never actually make at home, and that's what makes them taste so exotic. And, it helps you appreciate your favorite slice of pie (or future long-term partner) when you meet him.

I'd be a jerk if I didn't mention the most important thing to remember is, we're all human, and we should respect each other's boundaries. Consent is a hard YES people, and nothing else.

As long as everyone has the green light, you whip out that cowboy hat and ride on, cowgirl.