47 Things, Including '20 Minutes Of Action,' That Are Still Considered Rape

by Alexia LaFata
Simone Becchetti

Brock Turner, the Stanford University rapist who sexually assaulted an unconscious woman and will only go to jail for six months (and will likely get out in three), has one confused father.

Before Brock's sentencing, Dan Turner spoke for his son in court. In his statement, which you can read here, Dan lamented about such things like the loss of Brock's "happy go lucky" personality and the fact that he doesn't eat steak anymore. Perhaps the most harrowing part of this speech, though, is how Dan Turner tried to minimize the rape his son committed by calling it "20 minutes of action."

But let me clear something up for you, Dan: "20 minutes of action" is still rape.

The FBI defines rape as (trigger warning for this definition) "penetration, no matter how slight, of the vagina or anus with any body part or object, or oral penetration by a sex organ of another person, without the consent of the victim." But rape is not always a violent act where a stranger blindfolds you and holds a knife to your throat. Rape can happen under many different conditions, in many different ways, disguised as many different things. This includes "20 minutes of action."

Here are 47 circumstances where it would still be considered rape, even if these things seem like a form of consent. (Note: For most of these scenarios, I'm going to imply that the victim was a woman, but rape also happens to men.)

1. If you're underage.

2. If you were too drunk.

3. If you both were too drunk.

4. If you were on drugs.

5. If you both were on drugs.

6. If your vagina got wet.

7. If your penis got hard.

8. If you had an orgasm.

9. If you were wearing a short skirt or a low-cut shirt.

10. If you flirted a lot.

11. If you didn't say no because you feared for your safety.

12. If you didn't say no because you were threatened.

13. If you said yes because you felt like it was your duty as a girlfriend/wife.

14. If you said yes because you didn't want your partner to get angry or violent.

15. If you were roofied.

16. If you said yes but then changed your mind.

17. If it was your hookup buddy.

18. If it was your boyfriend or girlfriend.

19. If it was your fiancé or husband/wife.

20. If it was your acquaintance or friend.

21. If it was your best friend.

22. If it was your professor, doctor, lawyer or anyone else in a position of power.

23. If it was your dad, mom, aunt, uncle, grandfather, grandmother or any member of your family.

24. If you went on a date with him and said you'd like to see him again.

25. If he paid for your dinner.

26. If he bought you a present.

27. If you went home with him.

28 If you were naked in his bed.

29. If his penis was literally just about to enter your vagina.

30. If you used your safe word during a role play and he didn't stop.

31. If he's a varsity athlete at an upper tier university.

32. If you've had sex with him before.

33. If you've dated him before.

34. If you kissed him.

35. If you made out with him.

36. If you touched each other with your hands.

37. If you had oral sex.

38. If you didn't physically resist.

39. If you only consented to vaginal sex.

40. If you only consented to anal sex.

41. If you were asleep.

42. If you were unconscious.

43. If you have a crush on him.

44. If he has a crush on you.

45. If you got pregnant from it.

46. If you didn't report it to the police.

47. If he made you an omelette the next morning.