Your Orgasm Can Be Out Of This World With 'Guardians Of The Galaxy'-Inspired Sex Toys

by Sean Abrams
Marvel Studios

We've seen unicorn dildos filled with mysticism. We've seen butt plugs inspired by our favorite, colorful Pokémon characters.

And now, with the impending release of "Guardians of the Galaxy 2," Geeky Sex Toys has decided to piggyback off the success of Marvel Studios by crafting a line of sex toys appropriately named "Orgasms of the Galaxy."

Inspired by the intergalactic superhero film, the new line of dildos, fleshlights, vibrators and plugs are all designed with the "Guardians" ensemble cast in mind.

Even though the "Star-Load" vibrator wasn't exactly molded from actor Chris Pratt's actual penis, you can damn sure pretend it was!

"These were created for the same reason all our other toys are created," Geeky Sex Toys' co-founder, Josh, told Mashable. "We are just big nerds and love geeking out/making stuff based on our favourite movies, shows, games."

Let's see what we have here:

There's "Star-Load," inspired by the space outlaw of the same name.

Geeky Sex Toys

Star-Load is an "intergalactic vibrator with 10 vibration patterns."

We have "Cumora," inspired by the deadly female assassin, Gamora.

Geeky Sex Toys

According to Geeky Sex Toys, if you wanted to fuck "the sexiest green alien in the galaxy," your dream can now be a reality!

Take a look at "Root," inspired by everyone's favorite talking tree, Groot.

Geeky Sex Toys

Root's branchy complexion carries over into this 8-inch dildo, which will hopefully "grow your orgasms to new and exciting levels."

Don't forget "Randy," inspired by the extra feisty Rocket Raccoon.

Geeky Sex Toys

Randy the Raccoon tail acts as a "stainless steel plug with a faux fur tail" and all-around perfect counterpart to its buddy, Root.

It's hard not to notice "Dix," inspired by the bluish behemoth, Drax The Destroyer.

Geeky Sex Toys

The appropriately named Dix is a massive, veiny, otherworldly dildo set to give you the most incredible orgasms.

There's also "Stimula," another penetrable inspired by Gamora's evil sister, Nebula.

Geeky Sex Toys

Geeky Sex Toys puts Stimula in the same category as "her sister Cumora, built for a sole purpose, to give out-of-this-world pleasure."

Last, but not least, there's "Fondle," inspired by the leader of the Ravagers, Yondu.

Geeky Sex Toys

Targeting men, Fondle acts as a dual anal toy and vibrating prostate massager set to "awaken intense sensations within."

"Everyone seems to really dig what we are trying to achieve and are always super positive towards our products," Josh went on to add about the new line.

The toys range in price — from $50 up to $99 — and are available for purchase on the Geeky Sex Toys website.

Consider your orgasms saved.

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