You Can Recognize A Pisces In Love With These 7 Telling Signs

Fish definitely wear their heart on their sleeve.

by Andriana Zacharakos and Corinne Sullivan
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While I'm not someone who ever advocates living life by your horoscope, I've always noticed a connection between the signs and specific ruling personality traits. I've known a lot of Pisces in my life who have fit the bill in regard to what's been written about them. And while no one shows affection in the same way, a Pisces woman or a Pisces man in love tends to show some very telling signs. They can’t help it — this water sign loves love, and when they fall, they fall hard.

If there is one zodiac sign that is truly too pure for this world, it's Pisces. Those born between Feb. 19 and March 20 are dreamers and schemers who tend to look at the world through rose-colored glasses, but IMO, seeing the good in everyone isn't the worst thing. Gentle, intuitive, and majorly emotional, the fish of the zodiac are always in their feels, and few signs make for better lover. As astrologer Suzie Kerr Wright previously told Bustle, "Pisces needs a lot of reassurance, romance, and attention, and will give the same in return.”

While you can't always rely on Pisces partners to show up on time, you can rely on them to tell you when they’re in love, whether they mean to or not. Here are some signs the Pisces in your life is head over heels for you.

They Ask Your Opinion

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When a Pisces falls in love with you, they’ll also tend to fall into the habit of always asking what you think of things, and yes, they genuinely care about your response. As they are pretty indecisive people, Pisces who want and respect their partner’s opinions are sure to ask for guidance at every turn.

According to Wright, a Pisces often asks the opinions of those they love because they’re so afraid of causing offense. "They worry about saying something wrong or making you feel bothered," she told Bustle. "Their insecurities lie in a feeling of being less-than what anyone could need or want."

They Constantly Stare At You

Pisces is a hopeless romantic, and if there's one thing they love to do on a regular basis, it's daydream. If they’re falling for you, then they will make it a point to look deep into your eyes as often as they can, and chances are, they're also staring at you when you're not looking.

They Protect You

Pisces are natural-born protectors, and when they love someone, they’ll drop everything to support that person. Whenever you're feeling a bit vulnerable or out of place, you can expect your Pisces lover to swoop in and save you from the world.

As astrologer Kristina Semos previously explained to Bustle, "A Pisces in love is a dreamy romantic. They would sacrifice anything for their soulmate. They'll listen with a huge, empathetic heart to all your troubles and do everything in their power to make you feel better.”

They’re Always Present

As dreamers, it can be difficult for Pisceans to concentrate on any one thing for too long, but a Pisces in love knows how to keep their focus. Even when you’re not together, your fish will call, text, Snapchat, or FaceTime you every chance they get, just to let you know you’re on their mind.

They Show You Commitment

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They may be slippery fish — not to mention incredibly selective with whom they choose to dedicate their time and energy — but once a Pisces finds someone they love, they don’t mind settling down. When Pisces knows something is right, they know, and they will make it a point to spend as much time around you as possible.

As astrologer Lupe Terrones previously told Bustle, "If the relationship offers them bountiful opportunities for them to daydream without practical concerns, they'll be loyally grateful, which can be occasionally hard to come by with a mutable sign like Pisces.”

They Include You In Their Future Plans

Even a Pisces in love cannot map out the next 10 years of their life — their brains just don’t work that way. However, they will often make allusions to your future together, so even if they can’t picture it perfectly, they will let you know you’re (hopefully!) going to a part of it.

They Shower You With Affection

Pisces is a lover at heart, and they will do everything in their power to make you feel adored. Their “small gestures” tend to go above and beyond, and if you find your Pisces complimenting you and caring for you on the reg, then they’ve definitely fallen hard.

"Pisces is the ultimate romantic when it comes to love — think candy hearts coupled with deep, soulful conversations," astrologer Katee Glass previously told Bustle. "In their exalted expression or positive ways their feelings can manifest, Pisces are utterly devoted. They embody a sense of unconditional love and can make the relationship feel otherworldly."

If these signs sound familiar, then things with your Pisces boo are likely getting serious. Enjoy the ride!


Suzie Kerr Wright, astrologer

Katee Glass, astrologer

Kristina Semos, astrologer

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