Earth signs love going on outdoor dates.
8 Date Ideas For Earth Signs Who Love The Great Outdoors

Nature calls.

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I know what you’re thinking: “Duh, earth signs love to be outside because they’re earthy. Very clever.” But the truth is, an earth sign’s draw to the outdoors is more than a superficial matter of words. Of the four elements in the zodiac — fire, air, water, and earth — the latter has a reputation for groundedness. Earth signs (Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn) are sensual creatures who are especially in touch with the energy of their surroundings.

Instead of a stuffy movie theater or a crowded restaurant, an earth sign will appreciate outdoor date ideas that offer special sensory experiences. An earth sign wants to smell salt air on the coast or fresh-cut grass at the park; they want to venture to a natural wonder that’s exquisite to look at; they want to fill their ears with birdsong. Your pragmatic earth sign boo will not only think your outdoor date is super romantic, but they’ll relish the opportunity to multitask: They get their daily exercise and a social engagement at the same time?! Heaven.

Plus, earth signs tend to be among the most loyal of the signs, so if you find yourself in a face-off with a grizzly bear on your first date, they’re less likely to go running and screaming in the opposite direction unless you’re right there with them. Read on for eight date ideas that will make any outdoorsy earth sign swoon.

Plan A Floating Picnic

If you’re within driving distance of a calm river, lake, or bay, it’s time to break out the small watercraft. Even if you don’t have access to a kayak or canoe, renting a swan or paddleboat would work just as well for this adorable outdoor date idea. To prep for the perfect floating picnic, you’ll want to pack light: one small cooler with a couple of beers or seltzers, some pieces of fruit, maybe some deviled eggs if you’re feeling spunky — but finger foods only. You and your earth sign honey can paddle out to a nice, secluded spot on the water, kick back, and open up about your wildest dreams while you enjoy your tasty treats. It’s a guaranteed great time — just be sure to keep all trash securely in the boat so you can responsibly dispose of it when you get back to land. Have love, will paddle.

Yoga Al Fresco
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For those who are prone to seasickness, it might be best to plan a date on solid ground. A bit of yoga in the park is the perfect way to build your bond while building a little muscle. For a fun and flirty outdoor date, find a quiet corner of your local park, lay out a couple of mats, set up a small speaker, and let Yoga With Adriene guide the two of you to a greater sense of inner peace.

... Followed By Some Wine And Cheese

Come to think of it, downward dog pairs really well with some aged cheddar. Up the ante of your yoga date with the promise of some wine and cheese for after you’ve finished your private outdoor class. Go all out for your decadent earth sign with a few candles, a curated playlist, and a nice bottle of wine — because these grounded cuties still like to be spoiled.

Camp Off The Grid

Let’s say you’re looking to take your long-term earth sign love on an extended date to celebrate a birthday or an anniversary. A weekend camping trip in the woods, the desert, or on the beach will showcase your commitment, your planning skills, and your adventurous side. With nothing to do but focus on each other, this is the perfect way to deepen your connection with your earth sign partner.

Splash Around Some Tide Pools
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This day-time activity requires much less commitment than beach camping but still gives you an exciting outdoor activity by the water. If you live near a rocky coastline, plan a trip to the tide pools at low tide. Together, you and your date will hop around in search of minuscule marine life and take in the beautiful scenery. And believe me, there’s no quicker way to a nature lover’s heart than with teeny crabs and sea stars.

Bike To You Favorite Coffee Shop

Inject an ordinary coffee date with some zing by planning a neighborhood bike ride that ends in a stop at your favorite cafe or bar (preferably one with an outdoor patio). During your casual ride, you can cruise around the area, chatting and flirting and admiring how cute the other person looks in their helmet. Finish it off with a nice oat milk latte and a chocolate chip scone and you’ve got a perfect earth sign–approved date.

Visit An Arboretum Or Botanical Garden

Arboretums and botanical gardens make lovely date spots year-round. Stroll the grounds, challenge each other to a friendly competition of who can spot the greatest number of species, and lay out a blanket for a light picnic if the weather permits.

Take A Good Ol’ Fashioned Hike
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A hike is a great option for a first or second date because it gives you something to focus on that isn’t just the other person. Take in the scenery, breathe in the fresh air, and play right into your earth sign’s comfort zone.

Whatever date idea you decide to plan for your earth sign lover, know that they will appreciate anything you put genuine thought into. You don’t have to spend a million dollars or take them on a lavish vacation to make them happy. All they need is you and the great outdoors.

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